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ACC Big Door Cinema - September

The ACC invites people of all ages to a special outdoor program at ACC Theater 1, for a chance to enjoy masterpieces that exemplify a wonderful mix of music and cinema.

ACC Big Door Cinema - September
  • Date2020.9.23 - 9.26
  • Time(23) 19:30 – 21:16
    (24) 19:30 – 21:27
    (25) 19:30 – 21:20
    (26) 19:30 – 21:12
  • PlaceTheater 1 Amphitheatre
  • Price Free
  • TicketFree admission
  • Contact+82-1899-5566

Stop the Spread ACC
Seat Distancing Policy Guide
Seat Distancing
  • For social distancing at program venues, audience members will be seated a seat apart from each other.
Temperature Check with Thermal Cameras
  • Please note that if your body temperature is measured at 37.5℃ or higher, you may not be allowed to enter.
Mandatory Masks
  • If you do not wear a mask, you may be asked to leave the venue. Please put on your mask before entering.
ACC Big Door Cinema
ACC Big Door Cinema is an outdoor screening program held in front of the Big Door at Theater 1, ACC Theater. The program presents visitors with a special experience that combines picnic and cinema. The September program presents romantic films with widely loved soundtracks that capture the mood of early fall, and musical films featuring captivating dances and songs.
Romantic Films with Your Favorite Soundtracks, September
This part of the program features romantic films with widely loved soundtracks for a wide range of audiences including lovers, families, and young generations looking for newtro (New+Retro) experiences. The Contact (1997) takes the audiences back the 1990’s when BBS was still a thing. Hong Kong romance-drama Comrades: Almost a Love Story (1996) was originally titled Tianmimi, meaning “sweet as honey” in Chinese, which is also the title of the film’s theme song. Enjoy the early autumn night with your favorite soundtracks from these two films!
Songs and Dances, September
This part of the program presents a film later adapted to a stage musical from a musical film classic. Billy Elliot (2000) is a story about a mining village boy who falls in love with dancing and was adapted to a hit musical of the same name. The Wizard of Oz (1939) tells the story of Dorothy and her search for a great and powerful wizard. The ACC presents these two films in Korean-dubbed versions so that a wider range of audiences may enjoy the shows. The films are also presented in “Barrier-Free” versions, which will add more significance to the occasion.
What is barrier-free film?
  • 안내 아이콘 Barrier-free films are shown with audio descriptions of what goes on on the screen, along with subtitles providing information about the speaker, the lines, the music, and the sound effects.
Full Schedule
The Contact Sep.23 (Wed.) 19:30
Dong-hyeon is a radio producer and cynical individual who still clings to the memories of his ex-lover. Soo-hyeon, a home shopping telemarketer, is secretly in love with Hee-jin, her roommate’s lover. The man and the woman meet each other on a BBS (bulletin board system) service, brought together by their common interest in the music of The Velvet Underground.
  • 1997 | Korea | Romance, Drama | 106 mins
  • Director: Jang Yunhyeon
  • Cast: Han Sukkyu and Jeon Doyeon
Comrades: Almost a Love Story Sep.24 (Thu.) 19:30
The year is 1986. As if by fate, Li Xiao-Jun and Li Qiao meet each other on a train to Hong Kong. The two are different from each other in every way, except for their love of Teresa Teng, one of the top singers in Taiwan, and the fact that they came to Hong Kong to pursue their dreams. In the strange land of Hong Kong, Xiao-Jun and Qiao quickly become close to each other. Howver, Xiao-Jun has a fiancée whom he promised to get married to after saving up enough money, and Qiao wants to become rich and lead a luxurious life. After dealing with Xiao-Jun’s fumbling advances and uncertainties about her future, Qiao decides to leave Xiao-Jun.
  • 1996 | Hong Kong | Romance, Drama | 117 mins
  • Director: Peter Chan
  • Cast: Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai
Billy Elliot - Barrier-Free Version Sep.25 (Fri.) 19:30
빌리 엘리어트
Billy Elliot is an 11-year-old from a mining town in Northern England. Billy goes to the gym every day to learn boxing. One day at the gym, he happens to see a ballet class. He begins to follow the moves performed by the girls in toe shoes. Mrs. Wilkinson, the ballet teacher, recognizes Billy’s talent and offers him special classes. She even encourages him to audition for the Royal Ballet School. Billy’s father is against the idea, saying that the ballet is for girls. Bill continues to dance without telling his father, and then one day his father walks in on him during his dance practice at the gym.
  • 2000 | UK, France | Drama, Family, Comedy | 110 mins
  • Director: Stephen Daldry
  • Cast: Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, and Gary Lewis
  • Barrier-free version director: Jung Jaeeun | Narration: Lee Yowon
The Wizard of Oz - Barrief-Free Version Sep.26 (Sat.) 19:30
오즈의 마법사
Swept away by a tornado to the mysterious land of Oz, Dorothy embarks on a long journey in search of the Wizard of Oz, as he may be the only one to help her return home. During the journey, she is accompanied by a scarecrow who seeks intelligence, a tin man who wants a heart, and a cowardly lion who longs for courage. With the three friends, Dorothy heads to the Emerald City where the wizard is said to reside.
  • 1939 | US | Fantasy, Musical | 102 mins
  • Director: Victor Fleming
  • Cast: Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger
  • Barrier-free version director: Jeong Yooncheol | Narration: Hwang Bora
Place Info.

ACC Theater, Theater 1 Amphitheatre

ACC Theater

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