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Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Asia Culture Center

Asia Traditional Orchestra's New Works Release 2020

Asia Culture Center releases the Asia Traditional Orchestra (ATO)’s three new repertoires on the theme of peace, harmony, and living together, all based on Asian melodies. It will be broadcasted on the Asia Culture Center YouTube channel from October to December.

Asia Traditional Orchestra's New Works Release 2020
  • Age LimitAll ages
  • Price Free
  • TicketShown online
  • Contact+82-1899-5566
  • VenueYouTube Channel of Asia Culture Center
  • Schedule1st Release: on October 21, 2020
    2nd Release: on November 25, 2020
    3rd Release: on December 23, 2020
For the past decade, Asia Culture Center (ACC) has organized various projects to preserve and discover Asian traditional music and raise awareness of it through operating the Asian traditional music community. This year, as part of the contemporary content development for Asian traditional music, ACC promotes the ATO's expanding repertoires by composing new pieces on the theme of peace, harmony, and living together.
The yearly-held workshops and performances for Asian traditional musicians were canceled due to the COVID-19 in 2020. ACC sought an alternative in the crisis of international exchange projects and for the directly affected artists. ACC promoted solidarity in the Asian traditional music community by conducting non-face-to-face workshops with traditional musicians as a new international exchange and cooperation method. Furthermore, ACC decided to release new repertoires to expand artistic competencies, and for this purpose, produced a non-face-to-face performance video. In a situation where 37 performers could not gather in one place, every musician contributed to a process of non-face-to-face workshops, recording sound sources, and filming videos. Finally, thanks to the video technology, ACC created a scene as if the performers were physically together on one stage.
Through this creative process, participants had an opportunity to think anew about international exchange, its direction, and the value of art in the post COVID-19 era. Also, we wish to deliver a message of comfort and hope to everyone and artists worldwide through this online presentation of the ATO.
<One Under the Same Sky> for COVID-19 Relief
Composed by Sam-Ang Sam, Cambodia
Released on October 21, 2020 (Wed)
ASEAN and Korean traditional musicians deliver a song of comfort and hope.
<One Under the Same Sky> denotes Khmer-ASEAN-Korean culture and significance, cultural connectivity between and among people, friendship, fraternity and grand family of Asia. It is a story song/piece, progressing from peace, which is the foundation for development, to prosperity with expression of contentment and joy. The third and last section is about people in ASEAN and Asia, and beyond.
 The composition—<One Under the Same Sky> (peace, prosperity, people, harmonization, and co-existence)—is an original orchestral composition for the Asia Traditional Orchestra (ATO) with pre-selected ASEAN and Korean musical instruments, written by Prof. Dr. Sam-Ang Sam, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Kingdom of Cambodia. The piece is structured in three sections with a brief contemporary style introduction.
<Asia of Light> in celebration of the 5th anniversary of Asia Culture Center
Composed by Piao Wei Zhe, Republic of Korea
Released on November 25, 2020 (Wed)
The harmonious cultures of Asia, created by ACC, are represented as light.
<Asia of Light> is a newly created instrumental repertoire for the ATO and was inspired by the ACC building's design concept, 'the forest of light.'
It starts with the main melody in a consistent but diverse manner to show the beauty of Asian nature, traditions, lifestyles, and calmness, expressing Asia's authenticity and the beauty of culture.
In the second part, the composer expresses the beautiful goodness of Asians through lyrical melody. It emphasizes the authenticity and sincerity that come through the pure hearts of Asians and show the harmony of diverse cultures.
At last, the tempo speeds up along with the percussion solo, and it transforms into a powerful melody. It expresses the desire of Asians who join forces to unite and move forward vigorously toward a bright and hopeful future.
The music embraces Asian artists' wishes who want to lighten Asia with the light of culture at ACC – where the cultural exchange happens – the forest of light.
<Pencak Bersulam> in celebration of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the ROK and Malaysia
Composed by Mohd Yazid Bin Zakaria, Malaysia
Released on December 23, 2020 (Wed)
The harmony and peace of Asia, led by the Republic of Korea and Malaysia together.
<Pencak Bersulam> portrays the beauty of warm and fraternal friendship as well as strong solidarity between Republic of Korea (ROK) and ASEAN countries. "Pencak", which is practiced in the combative art of self-defence called "Silat", depicts the freedom gifted by the warriors made of their blood and tears in order to ensure the peace of today. <Pencak Bersulam> can be interpretated as Malaysia's strong will of preserving and strengthening the connection among ASEAN in its entirety.
<Pencak Bersulam> instills the idea of synergism and enthusiasm throughout the piece, along with peace and harmony among ROK and ASEAN. The strong opening represents the dynamic relationship of ROK and ASEAN while progressing towards the harmonious melodies which reflects on the friendly ties among these nations. In addition, <Pencak Bersulam> may also be seen as a way of appreciating the heartiness bond between Malaysia and ROK over the past 60 years.
On the whole, this piece brings out the values of cultural interconnection that is open to be embraced by ROK and ASEAN in order to persevere this valuable relation.
Sam-Ang Sam, Cambodia
Sam-Ang Sam, Khmer composer, studied composition at the University of the Philippines (UP) under the tutelage of Dr. Eliseo Pajaro and Dr. Ramon Santos. He also studied, at UP, music arrangement under Prof. Lucio San Pedro, conducting under Prof. Rey Paguio, and ethnomusicology under Dr. Jose Maceda.
After UP, Sam-Ang Sam continued his composition study at Connecticut College, USA under Dr. Chinary Ung and Dr. Noel Zahler, where he received a B.A. (1983) and M.A. (1985) in Music Composition. Dr. Sam received a Ph.D. (1988) in Ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University, USA.
Dr. Sam-Ang Sam has taught music theory and composition at Cornish College for the Arts, USA and Royal University of Fine Arts, Cambodia.
His compositions have been performed in the Philippines, USA, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Among his orchestral works are Rêverie, Kansaeng Kraham, One Asia, Eternity, and Raven.
Piao Wei Zhe, Republic of Korea
Piao Wei Zhe, a composer of Asia of Light, obtained his B.A. degree in arts and literature from Yanbian University in China. He worked as a full-time professor at the same university, where he was actively working on various compositions while based in China.
In 2002, he obtained his Ph.D. degree in Korean Music at the Graduate School of Pusan National University. Since then, he has been fostering students in universities in Korea and other educational institutions.
Park participated in establishing the ATO in 2009 (formerly the Korea-ASEAN Traditional Orchestra) as an arranger who also did the musical instrument's composition. Later he continued to work as an arranger for the ATO.
With the in-depth knowledge of Asian traditional instruments, Park composed 'Asia of Light' to commemorate the 5th anniversary of ACC this year.
Mohd Yazid Bin Zakaria, Malaysia
Music Director & Conductor of Malaysian Traditional Orchestra at Istana Budaya, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia in 2008 – Present. Having graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Yazid Zakaria has an impressive portfolio of works in Malaysia as well as internationally. On the whole, his works have a strong musical presence, incorporating thematic lyricism, rich harmonies, energetic rhythmic motives and vibrant orchestration.
He commenced his career in 1993 as the Malaysian representative at the Malaysian Jazz Festival and also in the ASEAN Symphony Band in Bangkok the following year. Since then, Yazid has served as a music director in numerous productions including the award-winning musical theatre Puteri Gunung Ledang (1999), Lambang Sari dan Malim Deman (2000), Hanuman (2001), Mahsuri (2003) and Semerah Padi (2008). His theatre production Indraputra won him the Cameronian Arts Award for Best Original Composition in 2002.
Production Staff & Orchestra’s Member
Han Sangil
(Artistic Director, Conductor)
During his career as a Piri (Korean pipe/flute) player, Han became a conductor of instrumental parts for the National Changgeuk Company of Korea from 1987 to 1994. Since then, from 1995 to 1998, he served as a head and a permanent conductor of the National Orchestra of Korea from 1995 to 1998 and also an artistic director of the Seongnam City Gugak Orchestra from 2005 to 2011. Since 2019, he has worked as an artistic director and permanent conductor of the Gwangju Municipal Gukak Orchestra.
Based on his experience as an artistic director and a conductor such as Hallyu Arts Festival, Silk Road IRAN-KOREA Cultural Festival in 2017, and Gyeongju International Music Festival in 2018, he has led the Asian traditional music community by suggesting various directions for traditional music.
Asia Traditional Orchestra
작곡과 및 공연 내용 안내
Nation Cast Instrument
Brunei Pg Mohd Yusri Pg Hj Yahya Gendanglabik
Mohd Noor Hafizam bin Rapian Gulintanggan
Cambodia Hak Tokla Roneat Aek
Choun Chanthon Tror So Tauch
Indonesia Lia Nugrahati Gambang
Marsjaf Achmad Prijana Kendang
Laos Sinthavong Sengmounthong Khaen
Phavy Chansileng Kachabpih
Malaysia Noor Leyzam bin Ali Gambus
Abdullah Omar bin Abdul Wahid Rebana
Myanmar Khin Swe Mya Nyunt Saung
Aung Zaw Htwe Pattala
Philippines Elaine Juliet E. Cajucom Bandurria
Lilymae F. Montano Tagungguan
Singapore Wee Kuan Chieh, Adrian Erhu
Vincent Tan Eng Kiat Zhongyin Sheng
Thailand Lerkiat Mahavinijchaimontri Saw Ou
Amorn Puttanu Ranat Ek
Vietnam Ngo Tra My Dan Bau
Nguyen Thi Thanh Hang Dan Tam Thap Luc
ROK Song Sun Myung Daegeum Flute
Kim Na Young Daegeum Flute
Kim Cheol Hwan Sogeum Flute
Oh Young Mi Piri Oboe
Kim Yoo Min Piri Oboe
Kim Sun Im Haegeum Fiddle
Kim Min Hee Haegeum Fiddle
Kim Sean Jea Ajaeng Zither
Jin Sun Kyoung Ajaeng Zither
Lee Joung Suk Gayageum Zither
Song Yeong Ran Gayageum Zither
Yoo So Hee Geomungo Zither
Lee Wang Jae Drum System
Ahn Yeon Seop Drum
Shin Ji Su Percussion
Kim Kwang Sook Janggu Drum
Moon Kyung Mi Synthesizer
작곡과 및 공연 내용 안내
Artistic Directing Part Stage Technical Part Film Production
Chief Producer Hong Sung Yeon Technical Director Yang Piljue Production Co. Huge Entertainment, BTM
Asst. Director Noh Gyeong Tak, Kim Seung Hoo Stage Manager Lim Jongmin Filming Co. Story Pictures
Asst. Producer Shin Jiyu Lighting Director Beom Seoin Editing/CG TBM
Score Kim Min Jae Recording & Mixing Engineer Park Jiyeon  Mastering Engineer Yang Piljue, Park Jiyeon
Instrument Manager Moon Sang Tae        
Asst. Conductor Choi Won Rok        
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Copyright(C) Asia Culture Center. All rights reserved

38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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