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Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Asia Culture Center

2021 International Joint Creation and Production AFTER WAR

AFTER WAR captures the reflections of war, conflict, healing, and reconciliation in Asia through the movements of human bodies

2021 International Joint Creation and Production
  • DateJanuary 27–30, 2022 (Thursday–Sunday)
  • TimeThu. 17:00, Fri. 19:30, Sat. 15:00, Sun. 15:00
  • PlaceTheater 1
  • Age LimitMust be 12 or older
  • Person224 seats *Distancing Seating System
  • Price Free
  • TicketHome Page / Call Center / Ticket Office
  • Contact+82-1899-5566
  • Duration100 min
  • Guide※ Because of the "road stage" seating used for this performance, audience members are prohibited from entering the performance space after the start of the performance. We ask for your understanding.

Distancing Seating System
to prevent the spread of COVID-19
ACC Distancing Seating System Implementation Guide
We are implementing the “distancing seating system” as part of “social distancing” to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
 We ask for the audience’s understanding, and we will promptly notify you if any changes occur in the future.
Body Temperature Measurement through a Thermal Sensing Web Camera
  • The body temperatures of all audience members are monitored by thermal sensing web cameras installed at the performance hall entrances (Art Theater and Children’s Cultural Center).
  • ※ Thermal sensing web cameras are installed in the ACC’s Creation/Theater, Library Park, and Children’s Cultural Center.
  • ※ Noncontact thermometers will be used by ticketing clerks and center guides.
  • Please note that admission is denied if the measured body temperature is more than 37.5℃ (temperature based on fever).
  • If you do not measure or refuse to take your body temperature, you will not be able to enter. We ask for your cooperation.
Mandatory Mask Wearing
  • Please wear a mask before entering. Those not wearing masks will be denied entry to performances.
Submission of Consent Forms for the Use of Personal Information
  • This data is collected and submitted to Gwangju City and related organizations when there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the performance halls. The collected personal information will not be used for any other purpose and will be destroyed after two weeks.
  • ※ If the person who booked the ticket is not the same as the present viewer, please provide the viewer’s information.
ACC makes it compulsory for the production staff of performance halls, including ticketing clerks and center guides, to wear masks and take their body temperatures.
We urge the audience to thoroughly practice personal hygiene and refrain from attending performances if they have symptoms, such as fevers, coughs, and sore throats, or a recent history of overseas travel.
We will do our best to guarantee the customer’s viewing right and create a safe performance environment. Thank you.
ACC International Joint Creation and Production is a project planned as a way to promote a virtuous cycle of content where the performing artists and producers across the world come together for exchange, research, and creation, and to explore the contemporary issues and the Asian characteristics of performing arts that can build bridges between them.

The first project, After War, is inspired by Bảo Ninh's novel The Sorrow of War, the winner of the Asian Literature Award of 2018 in the 2nd Asian Literature Festival. After War was developed through the creation and production workshop in 2019, and was put to the stage as a pilot performance in 2020, Sorrow and Seeds (NTL, Denmark) and The Sorrow of War (Theater Company Mindeulle, Korea). Now, it is ready to be showcased as a full-fledged performance to the world.

Join us for the premier of After War, the product of passion and love created through the cooperation of the artists and producers of the East and the West.
The existential logic of war is simple; everyone thinks they have the right to defend themselves and their country, whether it is the country itself that is being threatened or the values in which the inhabitants believe seems to be in danger. This is what we believe in, or what we are told when we point our weapons at the enemy.

In a war, everyone think they have the right to kill for what they believe in. That's the spirit of war.

War represents the collapse of values and morals, something no one wants. When the enemy becomes someone we love, war shows its cruellest side.

After war is a reflection through the questions: how can we forgive ourselves and live a life after a collapse of civilization and the loss of basic morality? How do we heal and rebuild self-confidence, and what were we fighting for and for whom were we fighting?

These questions are my motivation for After War, a performance I directed in collaboration with Dongil Lee. Even if we come from two different continents and very different cultures, we have tried to find a common language to understand how war affects us as human beings.
Elsebeth Marie Rahbek Banke
Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret
Even a Tiger Fears the Unknown.
The imagination is the strongest power of survival and the strongest weapon of power a man can use, to make a fantasy become real.
“After War” is a performance about chaos, grief, and the continual echoes of war that are repeated through generations. Europe and Asia meet at multicultural crossroads. The common absurdity of life which connects us, is expressed through theatre and dance with a touching sound universe, inspired by music from the 1960’s, the Vietnam war and the Gwangju uprising in 1980.

Who knows how we remember things?br> “After War” could be someone’s memory or a distorted fantasy. It could be a nightmare or just a dream, when we are allowed to meet the sorrow that follows a war.
There is a time when all we are left with is our memories, even for the generation who grew up with the stories they were told.
Some of our memories become the stories we tell ourselves. Maybe the stories are made up, to protect ourselves or someone we love. We may even believe that the stories we tell ourselves are the truth.
We ask: Who threw the first stone? Who is to blame? How can justice be brought to the wounded that are left behind, the ones who were fighting, the ones for whom they were fighting?
Cast and Producers
DirectorElsebeth Marie Rahbek Banke
  • Senior producer, actor, dramaturg, and director of NTL-OT
  • Lecturer of classical plays, theater, and contemporary performing arts at Vestjyllands Højskole
  • Actor and dramaturg in Zimmer Theatre, Tübingen, Germany
  • Dramaturg and director, Julekøbstad Ringkøbing (more than 30 pieces of theater)
Co-ProducerLee Dongil
  • CEO of Eurasian Theater Institute / Doctor of Theatre Studies, playwright
  • Written and produced works, including the Robotic Art Performance ROBOT NAMU, Digilog Musical The Play, Project DMZ 2000, Sound Performance Dream of Asem, Masked Dance: An Internal Journey, Cyber Flower, Three 500-Year-Old Circles, Multimedia Shimchung
Produced by
  • Assistant Director (Denmark) / ChoreographerEmilie Lund
  • Assistant Director (Korea)Noh Puruem
  • Music DirectorMun hyun
  • Video Art Artist and DirectorShin Sunghawn
  • Photographer and Media Archive DirectorChoi Keunou
  • ManuscriptLee Dongil, Elsebeth Marie Rahbek Banke
  • Music Arrangement, Lyrics, and CompositionMOA performing group, Karoline Leonora Seidelin Banke, Petra Felicia Seidelin Banke,Abraham Rademacher, Edward Trouiller
  • Music AdvisorElena Floris, hoi Sori
  • Artistic Advisor & TrainingIben Nagel Rasmussen, Roberta Carreri, Tage Larsen
  • Artistic Advisor, Theatre Director of NTL-OTPer Kap Bech Jensen
  • Artistic AdvisorLee Oyoung
  • Technician and LightFausto Pro
  • Technician, Sound, and LightPaul Hales
  • Costume DesignMarco Antonio López
  • Costume AssistantTatiana Knudsen
  • Production AssistantBaran Demir, Michel Charpentier
  • Archive and ReportingSimone Dragone
  • Main ProducerNathalie Jabalé
  • AdministratorBarbara Manighetti
  • KAPAP ChairKim Yongjae
  • KAPAP Executive ProducerUm Dongyoul
  • KAPAP Production DirectorWon Sungmin
  • KAPAP Production Co-DirectorJin Won
  • KAPAP Production ManagerKoh Taeho, Kim Mihee
  • KAPAP Production AdministratorYou Younju, Lee Seolyoung
  • KAPAP Production AdvisorAn Hyukwon
  • KAPAP Business AdvisorJung Wonsik
  • KAPAP Business Team LeaderLee Sunkyung
  • KAPAP Administration Deputy ManagerLee Youngsoon
  • KAPAP Accounting AssistantKim Hyehyun
  • KAPAP Production ManagerMun Sungmin
  • StageJung Hwikyung, Chung Jeehwan, Kim Dohee, Cho Seongil
  • SoundPark Jaihyun,Mac Lee
  • LightingLee Hyungyu, Kim Jonghun
  • VideoShin Sunghawn, Jung Heyji, Jun Sangwoo, Ryu Yoonhee
ACC Content Project Department
  • CuratorPark Juri
  • Stage DirectorLim Jongmin, Park Seongyong, Jeong Donggyun, Kim Pyongkang, Ga Dogyun
  • Lighting DirectorLee Kwangdeuk, Beom Seoin, Lee Sungho, Jeong Youngrok
  • Sound DirectorNa Inkwon. Park Jiyeon, Kim Wangmin, Jeong Inbeom, Song Sanghoon, Kim Juhee

  • Choi Donghyuk

  • Abraham Rademacher

  • Edward Trouiller

  • Juraj Benko

  • Karoline Leonora Seidelin Banke

  • Lee Younglan

  • Petra Felicia Seidelin Banke

  • Signild Elisabeth Thygesen
Prologue / Epilogue

  • Moon Hyun

  • Park Hyejoon

  • O Jisuk

  • Kim Tae sung

  • Kwak Dongchul

  • Jeon Sangjin

  • Oh Kyungja

  • Lee Woojoo
Citizen Actors

  • Chun Sangjin

  • Oh Sowho(Oh Youngsoon)

  • Han Jongho
Production Company Introduction
Korea Association of Performing Arts Producers (KAPAP)
The Korea Association of Performing Arts Producers (KAPAP) is an association founded in 2004 to contribute toward the qualitative improvement and development of Korean performing arts. It is now home to about 210 active producers.
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NTL-OT(Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret)
Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret (NTL-OT) is an organization founded by Eugenio Barba, one of the three masters of modern theater, along with Jerzy Grotowski and Peter Brook, who co-founded Theater Anthropology. The theater company comprises about 40 artists from 11 countries in 4 continents, with diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The company creates original works and presents performances at home and abroad, and holds workshops; academies; the International School of Theater Anthropology (ISTA); Odin Week Festival, a residency program; and Caravan Next Project, a European community theater project. Also holding global-level theater-related books and video materials, it is an organization that communicates with the language of the body and sound and creates a prototype and unique theater works that exclude artificial stage technologies
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  • This performance is intended for visitors aged 12 and above. Children below the age of 12 are prohibited from entering the performance hall regardless of the presence of their guardians. We ask the visitors to bring a certified document that can testify to their age (national health insurance certificate, passport, resident registration certificate, etc.)
  • Because of the "road stage" seating used for this performance, audience members are prohibited from entering the performance space after the start of the performance. We ask for your understanding.
  • Visitors under the restricted age may be prohibited from entering the venue.
  • This performance is offered free of charge, and thus we do not provide any parking fees for the visitors. We ask our visitors to use public transportation when available.
Place Info.

ACC Theater, Theater 1

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38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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