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I’m Going to Bury the Moon!

Even on the hottest days, she can’t drink a drop of water,
and she resents the moon shining above even on the deepest nights.
What happened to poor Latika?

I’m Going to Bury the Moon!
  • DateMay 21ᅳ22, 2022 (Sat–Sun)
  • Time11:00, 15:00
  • PlacePlayhouse
  • Age LimitMust be 8 or older (recommended age of 10 and above)
  • Person90 seats
  • Price KRW 10,000 for all seats (general admission)
  • TicketHome Page / Call Center / Ticket Office
  • Contact1899-5566
  • Duration60 min
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  • Information※ The Munhwa Nuri Card discount is only applicable for call center and ticket booth reservations.

Visitor Information
Unreserved Seating System
  • The seats for this performance are unreserved, meaning visitors can freely choose their seats on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • (The performance hall is opened for entrance 20 min before the start of the performance.)
  • Seats in the PlayHouse are not fixed to the floor. As such, we ask our visitors to follow the staff’s guidance and seat themselves in a way that provides adequate space between the audience members.
Personal and Performance Hall COVID-19 Preventive Measures
  • Visitors who do not wear masks will be prohibited from entering the performance hall, so we ask all our visitors to wear a mask before entering.
  • Please refrain from visiting the center if you are suffering from a fever, cough, or sore throat or if you recently visited a country other than Korea.
  • The ACC implements mandatory temperature checks and mask-wearing policies for all ticket staff, guides, and crew.
All of us at the ACC will do our best to protect your right to enjoy our programs and foster a safe environment for all visitors. Thank you.
We are storytellers, and we want to show and tell you a fun story. Today, we will meet a girl named Latika, who lives in India. Keep up because, with a swoosh, we become the moon and, with a woosh, a bucket of water in a different scene. After all, when telling a story, why not go all out? Prick up your ears, and let your eyes shine as we take a trip into this story together. Here we go!
In a village deep within India, there lives a girl named Latika. No matter how thirsty she is, Latika refuses to drink water because it will make her want to go to the toilet.
I’m Going to Bury the Moon! is her story.
Four storytellers and three musicians tell her tale, sometimes with words and movements and, other times, with dance and music like those in the Indian subcontinent!

If the original story by Andrée Poulin’s picture book Burying the Moon focused on the story of women suffering from a lack of toilets in developing areas, the play I’m Going to Bury the Moon! spotlights Latika’s journey as she breaks the silence imposed upon her and talks about and makes her own decisions on her needs. Are you ready to hear Latika’s story? Then, let’s go and meet her now!
Latika lives in a small village in India. Her village has no toilet. The village women wait until nightfall to take care of their business in the field after dark.

Tonight, Latika goes to the dark field by herself. The moon begins to rise, round and bright. Is the moon unaware of Latika’s activities? The moonlight illuminates the world without heeding what she is doing. Latika wants to bury the Moon. Or rather, she wants to make “that place.”

She grabs a pickax. Is she really trying to bury the moon? Or is she trying to build “that place”?
Cast and Producers
Produced by: Asia Culture Center, Iyagi Yangdongi
Eun-jung Kim, Hun-kyu Park, Mun-seon Jeong, Seon-young Han
Produced by
Andrée Poulin, Burying the Moon
Ji-seon Park
Jeong-myeong Cheon
Musical Director
Seo-yeon Lee
Seo-yeon Lee, Hye-ri Ahn, Junseo Ahn
Movement Direction
Yeong-mi Byeon
Lighting Design
Su-jeong Woo
Object Design
Hyeon-je Seo
Costume Design
Eun-joo Im
Sound Director
Jeon Min-bae
Stage Director
Hyeon-je Seo
Seo-hee Kim, Ju-seong Kan
Asia Culture Center
Lee Kanghyun
Department Manager, ACC Content Project Department
Seokyung Na
Performance Planning
Seung-jae Jung, Jong-won Kim, Su-yeon Yang, Hana Jung, Gi-su Lee, Ju-hee Kim, Su-jin Park
Jongmin Im, Seong-yong Park, Dong-gyun Jeong, Pyung-kang Kim, Do-gyun Ga, Ji-eun Im
Gwangdeok Yoon, Gwangdeuk Lee, Seoin Beom, Yeong-rok Jung, Sung-ho Lee
Hak-su Kim, Inkwon Na, Ji-yeon Park, Wang-min Kim, In-beom Jung, Ju-hee Kim, Sang-hoon Song
Seong-ki Seo, Mun-sin Lee
House Ushers
Ho-seong Kang, Hye-in Gu, Do-yeon Kim, Ye-eun Kim, Ju-ha Kim, Ji-hye Kim, Tae-beom Kim, Yeo-jin Ryu, Go-eun Yoon, Hye-in Yono, Kyung-min Lee, Rok-bin Lee, Eun-seong Lee, Su-yeong Jang, Da-seul Jeong, Sanha Jeong, Ye-rin Jeong, Seung-heon Cha
Promotional Materials Design
Ellie Ji Yang
Seong-woong Choi
Iyagi Yangdongi is a creative group formed by artists who love children and stories. Centered around the communication between the creator and audience, the artists of Iyagi Yangdongi use imaginative, transformative, and role play to create performances. The group focuses on forging performances that bring the qualities of play and theater onstage.
  • Children below the age of 7 are prohibited from entering the performance hall.
  • We ask the visitors to bring certified documents that testify to their age (national health insurance certificate, passport, resident registration certificate, etc.) Visitors under the restricted age will be prohibited from entering the venue even in the company of their parents.
  • For this performance, a single visitor may reserve up to four seats. Wheelchair seating may be reserved through the ACC Call Center (1899-5566).
  • Tickets can be claimed or purchased 1 hr before the performance time.
  • The theater opens 20 min before the show begins. Once the show starts, you will not be allowed to enter the theater. Please make sure to arrive at the theater at least 10 min in advance.
  • In order to ensure the best experiences for our visitors, the ACC maintains strict policies on age restrictions, late arrivals, and photography during performances. You are liable for the issues caused by your failure to fully read the theater regulations. Moreover, please understand that the ACC does not accept on-site requests for ticket refunds, cancelations, or changes to the event date. We ask for your understanding.
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ACC Children, Playhouse

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