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Knotting the Time

From Dongji to Haji, a story of women woven with dance and song

Knotting the Time
  • DateOct. 7–8, 2022 (FRI–SAT)
  • Time(FRI) 19:30
    (SAT) 15:00, 19:00
  • PlaceTheater 2
  • Age LimitMust be 8 or older
  • Person320 seats
  • Price KRW 20,000 for all seats Discounts +
  • TicketHome Page / Call Center / Ticket Booth
  • Contact+82-1899-5566
  • Duration90 min

Visitor Information
Reminders for Visitors and Regarding Reservation
Age Requirement
  • Age: Aged 8 and above (born in or before 2015)
  • We ask the visitors to bring a certified document that establishes proof of age (national health insurance certificate, passport, resident registration certificate, etc.)
  • ※ Visitors below the age restriction are prohibited from entering the performance hall regardless of the presence of their guardians.
  • ※ The ACC does not accept on-site requests for cancellation or change in reservation if the visitor in question failed to adhere to age restrictions.
Ticket Reservation and Collection
  • Tickets can be claimed or purchased 1 hour before the performance time.
  • ※ The reservation number or the phone number provided during the reservation process must be verified before the ticket can be collected.
  • Wheelchair seating may be reserved through the ACC Call Center (+82-1899-5566).
  • All discounts are applicable to the recipient of the ticket, not the purchaser.
  • ※ Discounted purchase must be verified onsite with relevant certification. If there are no certifications, the visitor must provide the difference between the regular price and the discounted price.
Visitor Information
  • In order to ensure the best experience for our visitors, the Asia Culture Center maintains a strict policy on age restrictions, late arrivals and photographyduring performance.
  • ※ You are liable for the issues caused by your failure to fully read the theater regulations.
  • The performance hall is opened for entrance 30 minutes before the start of the performance.Visitors may be prohibited from entering the hall after the start of the performance.
  • ※ The time of entry into the performance hall may be dependent on the characteristics of the performance or site conditions. We ask our visitors to enter the hall at least 10 minutes before the start of the performance.
  • Tickets purchased to this performance include four hours of free parking.
마디와 매듭
마디와 매듭
From Dongji to Haji, a story of women woven with dance and song
A beautiful performance created by Pai Sam-shik, Choi U-zong, and Jung Young Doo
< Knotting the Time > examines the lives of women through nature's time. It is structured around the 24 fortnightly periods (jeolgi), which cycle endlessly and create order for the lives of humans. Through the changes in scenery and traditional practices brought by these fortnight periods, it reveals the stories of women, buried within each section of time, "knotted in heart," and "buried in the ages." In these hungry and cold days, punctuated with back-breaking farm work, women snicker with mean joy, miss the times that they spent with those who are not here anymore, or enjoy a moment's respite with a bite of a peach while listening to the sound of the rain. Through that, we find the traces of our mothers and grandmothers in the days past.

The lives of these women, who live in harmony with nature, are expressed through the meeting of genres as well. The story, music, and dance respect and embrace each other, and function side-by-side to create a single, beautiful performance. The dream team of the foremost figures of contemporary art in each field—written by Pai Sam-shik, music by Choi U-zong, and directed and choreographed by Jung Young Doo—shape the lives of the women and their changes across the seasons into a single performance.
From the long night of Dongji (Winter Solstice), when "things dearly and achingly missed come down after long absence," to the night of the "short and dreamy night" of Haji (Summer Solstice), this performance weaves together the images of women living in the ups and downs of life in the 24 jeolgi through dance, song, and performance. The mother who turns her "cracked face" to the sleeping children in the "frozen-stiff" Sohan (Lesser Cold) was once a woman who "welcomed the spring into her heart" in Ipchun (Beginning of Spring), and even before, was once a girl who listened to her grandmother telling the stories of the past on Hansik (Day of Cold Food), "eating cold rice while the furnace stayed cold." These stories capture the images of women who have felt the seasons and periods through their bodies and hearts.
Lines from <Knotting the Time>
Dongji (冬至, Winter Solstice)
The days past
and the ones who went far away,
names that could not return,
things dearly and
achingly missed
come down after a long absence


Dongji, the long night.
lights come together and
quietly raise their wicks.
Cheongmyeong (淸明, Day of Pure Brightness)
At the back of the house, next to the fence,
a paulownia tree stands.
My father, after I was born,
had planted this Phoenix tree

When paulownia blooms,
doves fly away.
When paulownia blooms,
I think of my father.
Haji (夏至, Summer Solstice)
Fresh young women,
fragrant darkness,
taken in big mouthfuls,
soaked in rain,
soaked in nectar.


That dreamy night,
Endlessly, endlessly,
the summer rain falls,
in that short night,
the night that is past,
the night of Haji.
Direction and ChoreographyJung Young Doo
"An artist who investigates the secrets of time and shape"
  • Representative of the Doo Dance Theater
< With >, Changgeuk < King Lear >, < In the Land of Punctuation >, < A Seventh Man >, < Unreachable >, < Dawn >, < POST APT >, < Symphony in C >, < Fugue >, music theater < A Song of Dewdrops >, < 無・音・花 Silent Flower >, < Craving for More > and < Incompatible Yet One >, etc.
  • Choreographer Award, Artist of the Year by monthly magazine Mom (2005)
  • Yokohama Dance Collection Solo and Duo Competition (2004)
  • Yokohama Arts Foundation Prize and the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer
ScriptPai Sam-shik
"Tracing the low voices"
  • Playwright
  • Professor, Korea National University of Arts
< March Snow > < Woman coming from far away >, < Drama: A Record of Yeolha >, < 1945 >, < A Song of Dewdrops >, < Hwajeonga >, Changgeuk < King Lear >, etc.
MusicChoi U-zong
"The world opens by listening"
  • Professor, Seoul National University
  • Former artistic director of the TIMF Ensemble, an artist group in residence at the Tongyeong International Music Festival
Prelude for Piano, opera < Love Letter >, < Arriving on the Waters Like the Moon >, < 1945 >, musical < Gwangju >, music theater < A Song of Dewdrops >, < Chuseon >, etc.
Seoul City Culture Award, Today's Young Artist Award, etc.
Stage DesignPark Eun-hye
  • Current adjunct lecturer at Yong In University
< Sette Minuti >, < Hamlet >, < When You Arrive at the Other Side of the Night >, < Floating Island >, < Seven Beats >, < I'M SO TIRED >, < Next Step >, < Sejongjo Hoeryeryeon >, < Voice >, < Jeokbyeok >, < North Korea Gayageum >, < Pipe City at Seoul Street Arts Festival >, < YEOWOORAK FESTIVAL >, etc.
Lighting DesignChoi Boyun
  • Current lighting designer with STAGEWORKS
Play < Red Leaves >, < R&J >, < Hwajeonga >, < The History Boys >, < Waning Crescent, or the Way You Remember the World >, < I am a Murderer >, musical < The Tale April Fools >, < Goodbye, Yi Sang >, etc.
  • The 54th Dong-A Theatre Award Stage Art Award (2017)
  • The 3rd Seoul Actors Award, Staff Section, Lighting (2016)
  • The 34th Seoul Theater Festival, Stage Art, Lighting (2013)
  • Stage DirectorKim In-sik
  • ProducerOh Hansol
  • Assistant ChoreographyLee Chae-eun
  • Assistant Music DirectorHwang Kyungeun
  • Choir DirectorKim Ji-yeon

  • Jeongga
    Kim Nari

  • Seodo Minyo
    Kim Mu-bin

  • Pansori
    Jo Ahra

  • Kim Dan-woo

  • Jang Seo-yi

  • Kim Jung-soo

  • Lee Chae-eun

  • Jo Hye-rim

  • Kwak Daheen

  • Byun Sumin

  • Daegeum
    Park Myeong-gyu

  • Clarinet
    Lee Seung-hoon

  • Percussion
    Kim Jun-su

  • Piano
    Hwang Kyungeun

  • Accordion
    Kim Somi
Chorus: Songwon Elementary School Choir
Son Eun-bin, Jo Yeonu, Im Yerin, Park So-yeon, Park Ju-eun, Lee Do-yeon, Yoo Ria, Lee Yeong-yun
Place Info.

ACC Theater, Theater 2

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38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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