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Children of Subakdeung *Showcase

A group of children face an absurd power in this futuristic adventure

Children of Subakdeung *Showcase
  • DateSep. 30 (FRI) – Oct. 1 (SAT) 2022
  • Time(FRI) 19:30
    (SAT) 15:00
  • PlaceTheater 1
  • Age LimitMust be 8 or older
  • Person208 seats
  • Price KRW 5,000 for all seats
  • TicketHome Page / Call Center / Ticket Booth
  • Contact+82-1899-5566
  • Duration45 min

Visitor Information
Reminders for Visitors and Regarding Reservation
Age Requirement
  • Age: Aged 8 and above (born in or before 2015)
  • We ask the visitors to bring a certified document that establishes proof of age (national health insurance certificate, passport, resident registration certificate, etc.)
  • ※ Visitors below the age restriction are prohibited from entering the performance hall regardless of the presence of their guardians.
  • ※ The ACC does not accept on-site requests for cancellation or change in reservation if the visitor in question failed to adhere to age restrictions.
Ticket Reservation and Collection
  • Tickets can be claimed or purchased 1 hour before the performance time.
  • ※ The reservation number or the phone number provided during the reservation process must be verified before the ticket can be collected.
  • Wheelchair seating may be reserved through the ACC Call Center (+82-1899-5566).
  • All discounts are applicable to the recipient of the ticket, not the purchaser.
  • ※ Discounted purchase must be verified onsite with relevant certification. If there are no certifications, the visitor must provide the difference between the regular price and the discounted price.
Visitor Information
  • In order to ensure the best experience for our visitors, the Asia Culture Center maintains a strict policy on age restrictions, late arrivals and photographyduring performance.
  • ※ You are liable for the issues caused by your failure to fully read the theater regulations.
  • The performance hall is opened for entrance 30 minutes before the start of the performance.Visitors may be prohibited from entering the hall after the start of the performance.
  • ※ The time of entry into the performance hall may be dependent on the characteristics of the performance or site conditions. We ask our visitors to enter the hall at least 10 minutes before the start of the performance.
  • Tickets purchased to this performance include four hours of free parking.
ACC Story Contest Winner Performances

The 2022 ACC Creation and Production Repertoire *showcase "Children of Subakdeung" is a performance adapted from the first-prize winner of the 2018 ACC Story Contest, “Children of Subakdeung” (original by Cho Hong-jun).
Through the expansion and adaptation of internally developed sources, the Asia Culture Center orients itself toward a creation and production repertoire that puts the stories of citizens onstage..
The ACC plans to collect feedback through this showcase from the audience and the experts to enhance the significance and sophistication of the performance for the 2023 ACC creation and production repertoire *main performance "Children of Subakdeung."
마디와 매듭
A children's story musical capturing the growing pains of joy and sadness, involving a group of children near the "Subakdeung" mountain,
who face the tragedy that befell the world beyond the fence called "neighborhood," and by facing the truth, get to know their strengths and wounds
This is a dangerous adventure undertaken by normal children, who start from curiosity and end up searching for philanthropic values.

"History repeats."

The story of normal people facing a massive power connects Korea of 1980, 40 years ago, to a point on the eastern edge of Europe. The story returns to 2060, 40 years in the future, with a story of normal people who could be anyone anywhere.
The story may be in the future, many thousands of years ago, or even in a parallel universe somewhere.
It is a story that has happened to someone and can happen to anyone. Before they know it, the audience joins the Children of Subakdeung in their perilous journey.
Prologue_Waking from the New World
Hong-jun finds a new world after waking up from a 40-year-long sleep
#1 Amazing New World
A world ruled by an absurd power
#2 Forbidden Words
The Children share forbidden emotions and thoughts, and prepare for the adventure
#3 Over the Fence
The adventure starts with heart-pounding thrill, and Sang-mok appears.
#4 Restoration of Humanity
Sang-mok's past and newfound truths
Epilogue_ For the Better Future
History repeats, the start of a struggle
Cast and Producers
AdaptationOh Se Hyuk
  • 2022 Nominated for Korean Playwright Awards
  • 2021 Creative Script Contest "Civil Servant in Wartime"
  • 2017 The 1st Korea Musical Award Director's Award, "Natasha, the White Donkey, and I"
  • 2016 International Association of Theatre Critics-Korea Best 3 Theater "Goebbels Theater"
  • 2016 Seoul Theater Association Awards Grand Prize "The Last Joke on the Earth"
  • 2014 Seoul Theater Festival Drama Award "Guerilla Theater"
  • 2013 National Theater Company of Korea Youth Theater Creation Belt Playwright "The History of Sturm and Drang"
  • 2011 Seoul Shinmun Literary Contest "Play House for Fathers"
Script and DirectionLee Yong-ju
  • 2021 ASSITEJ KOREA Winter Festival Special Prize "The Clown"
  • 2020 Best New Acting Award & Music Award, Seoul Actors Award "Carmen"
  • 2016 Gimcheon International Theater Festival for Family "Clown Town"
  • 2015 Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival Grand Prize "Save Her"
  • 2011 Keochang International Festival of Theatre Grand Prize "Save Her"
  • 2020 The 29th Buil Film Awards Best Music Award "Tune in for Love"
  • 2019 Blue Dragon Film Awards Best Music Award Nominate
  • 2019 < My First Client > Music Director
  • 2017 < Heart Blackened > Music Director
  • 2013 < Meditation on Pain > Tuida Theatre Company Music Director
  • 2012 Grand Bell Awards Best Music Award Nominate "Eungyo"
  • 2012 < Eungyo > Music Director
작곡과 및 공연 내용 안내
Adaptation Oh Se Hyuk Script / Direction Lee Yong-ju
Composition Yonrimog Music Director Han Gwang-hoon
Art Director Pyo Jong-hyeon Technical Director Im Jongmin
Stage Director Park Seong-yong Lighting Director Yoon Gwangdeok
Sound Director Na Inkwon, Park Sang-hyeok Video Director VISUALKEI (Jang Suho, Han Jiwon)
Costume Design Park Geun-yeo Assistant Direction Cho Hyeon-jae
Choreography Cho Min-cheol Production Manager Gu Jong-hwa
Calligraphy Ryu Ji-jeong Poster Design Design Il
Video Filming Innofilm Photography Choi Myeong-jin
Stage Production Stage Art Tharp Original (Children of Subakdeung) Cho Hong-joon

  • Hong-joon
    Ham Hyeong-rae

  • Yeonji
    Kim Seo-young

  • Ikseok
    Jin Min-beom

  • Sang-mok
    Kim Jeong-tae

  • Android
    Yang Seong-hoon

  • Android
    Lee Myeong-jik

  • System
    Kang Seon-yeong

  • Percussion and others
    Han Gwang-hoon

  • Piano
    Han Jeong-wan

  • Violin
    Yoon Yeji

  • Cello
    Shin Won-ah

  • Clarinet
    Yoo Myeong-han
  • One guest may reserve up to four tickets.
  • This performance has an age restriction of 8 years and above. Children under the age requirement are prohibited from joining the program, even in the company of their parents or their reservation.
  • To provide the best experiences for our visitors, the Asia Culture Center maintains a strict policy on age restrictions, late arrivals, and photography during the performance. Also, please understand that the ACC does not accept on-site requests for ticket refunds, cancelations, or changes to the event date. We ask for your understanding.
  • Tickets can be claimed or purchased 1 hr before the performance time. The performance hall is open for entrance 30 min before the start of the performance. We ask our visitors to enter the hall at least 10 min before the start of the performance.
  • From July 1, 2018, an additional income tax adjustment figure of KRW 1 million will be recognized for book purchase and performance fees, at the adjustment rate of 30%. (Only applies to workers with a total income of KRW 70 million / go to details)
Place Info.

ACC Theater, Theater 1

Copyright(C) Asia Culture Center. All rights reserved

38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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