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ACC Wednesday Theater ‘Farewell My Concubine’

Watch the acclaimed performance through the screen!
Second story of the “Nearest National Theater of Korea”
of the National Changgeuk Company of Korea

ACC Wednesday Theater ‘Farewell My Concubine’
  • DateFeb. 1, 2023 (Wed.)
  • Time19:00
  • PlaceTheater 3
  • Age LimitAge 8 or older
  • Person200 seats (70% for online booking, 30% for offline ticket sales)
  • Price Free
  • TicketWebsite / Ticket office / Call center
  • Contact+82-1899-5566
  • 진행140min
  • Information※ This program is a video screening of a performance. Please take note of this when making reservations.
    ※ As this performance is offered free of charge, a parking fee discount is not available for visitors.


Thank you for your cooperation! “Say no to no-shows!”

Limited seats are available for this show. Please make your reservation only if you are willing to watch the performance.
If you are unavailable to attend after making a reservation,please cancel your ticket in advance for the waiting clients.

Tickets available up to two tickets per person
  • is a video screening of live performance. Please take note of this when making reservations.
Unreserved seating system
  • The seats for this program are unreserved, which means that visitors can freely choose their seats on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • (Audience may enter the performance hall 20 minutes before the show begins.)
Personal/venue quarantine measures
  • All audience members are required to wear a face mask.
  • For the health and safety of everyone, those with COVID-19 symptoms including fever, cough, throat and nose inflammation, or who have visited a foreign country are required to refrain from watching the show.
  • The ACC is implementing mandatory temperature checks and mask-wearing policies for all staff members and crew.
  • All of us at the ACC will do our best at all times to protect your right to enjoy our programs and ensure a safe environment for all visitors. Thank you.
Watch the acclaimed performances through the screen!
First performance of the “Nearest National Theater of Korea” screened in ACC
Through the Screen
ACC 수요극장
Changgeuk with Peking opera, how much better can it be?
Peking opera of <farewell My concubine> reborn as Korean Changgeuk
<Farewell My Concubine> of the National Changgeuk Company of Korea that was praised with a standing ovation and requests for an encore will be screened as the first show of February of “ACC Wednesday Theater.”
After six months since it made its first performance at the National Theater of Korea in 2019, it was staged again in CJ Towol Theater of Seoul Arts Center, receiving an enthusiastic response from the audience and critics.
This performance is a combination of Peking opera that focuses on “visual expression” and Changgeuk that is centered on “auditory expression,” creating a majestic and beautiful storyline.

Changgeuk <Farewell My Concubine> is inspired by the original performance of the same title, conveying a love story of Xiang Yu, a national hero who commits suicide after being defeated in the Chu-Han War, and his wife Consort Yu. Kim Jun-su who played the role of Consort Yu was praised for dressing up as a woman (“Dan” of the original Peking opera). The fancy dresses designed by Tim Yip, the winner of the 73rd Academy Awards for Art Direction for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” are also fun to watch.
In the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period in China, King Huai promises the feudal lords that the first to enter Xianyang would become king.
Chu that had Xiang Yu, the god of war, advances from the north, and Han that was founded by Liu Bang from the south. Liu Bang takes over Xianyang first, but is defeated by Xiang Yu's army and put in crisis. Liu Bang goes to Xiang Yu to beg for his life, and Xiang Yu, as a good man, throws a banquet at Hongmen. Xiang Yu’s adviser Fan Zeng says to make a trap in the party to kill Liu Bang, but Xiang Yu ignores this advice, as it is not a fair play. Meanwhile, Liu Bang runs away and
defeats battles as he collects his mind and listens to strategist Zhang Liang. Xiang Yu’s lover Consort Yu sees Xiang Yu suffering in the war and dances a beautiful knife dance, hoping him to regain feet.
Cast and Crew
Director Wu Hsing-kuo
Peking opera performer and director of Taiwan. Wu is praised as Taiwan’s best artist in the area of theater, film, and television shows. He was trained as a Peking opera performer since the age of 11 and founded the Contemporary Legend Theatre in Taipei in 1986, adapting Western classical plays to Peking opera and starting his career as a director. He made Peking opera be seen from a new perspective and succeeded in growing the Contemporary Legend Theatre in Taipei a world-class company.
Changgeuk Composer/Music Director Lee Ja-ram
Lee is an actress and Pansori singer thinking of ways to make Pansori performances be seen by more people. She has been working with the National Changgeuk Company recently and created “Mr. Heungbo” (Changgeuk Composer/Music Composer/Music Director), “Sonyeo-ga” (Playwriter/Director/Changgeuk Composer/Music Composer/Music Director), and “Poem” (Co-Changgeuk Composer/Changgeuk Composition Director).
  • PerformanceFarewell My Concubine
  • DirectorWu Hsing-kuo
  • Transcript/ChoreographyLin Hsiu-wei
  • Changgeuk Composer/Music Director Lee Ja-ram
  • ComposerLee Ja-ram, Son Da-hye
  • Performers(Xiang Yu) Jeong Bo-kwon, (Liu Bang) Yoon Seok-an, (Consort Yu) Kim Jun-su, (Lu Zhi) Cho Yu-ah, (Fan Zeng) Heo Jong-yeol, (Zhang Liang) Yoo
    Taepyeongyang, (Old blind woman) Kim Geum-mi, (Fan Kuai) Lee Kwang-won, National Changgeuk Company of Korea and guest members
  • Running time 140 min
  • Age limit Age 8 or older
  • Planning/Production National Theater of Korea, National Changgeuk Company of Korea
  • Host/Organizer Asia Culture Center
  • SponsorNational Theater of Korea
  • This performance is for viewers of age 8 or older.
  • Tickets are available up to two tickets per person.
  • Pick-up of tickets and on-site purchase of tickets are available for one hour before the show begins.
  • Audience may enter the performance hall 20 minutes before the show begins. It is recommended to enter 10 minutes before the show as entry after the beginning of the show may be restricted.
  • The Asia Culture Center has put an age limit on the show and restricts photography and entry after the show has begun for a pleasant viewing experience. All consequences arising due to failure of reading the matters to note are the sole responsibility of the individual.
  • ※ As this performance is offered free of charge, a parking fee discount is not available for visitors.
Program Schedule for January–March 2023

연번, 일자, 공연, 장르, 상영시간을 나타낸 표

No. Date Performance Genre Planning Time Age Limit Ticket Open
1 Jan. 18, 2023 (Wed) 7 PM Pictures at an Exhibition Classic Korean National Symphony Orchestra 85min Age 8 or older Jan. 4, (Wed) 10 AM
2 Jan. 1, 2023 (Wed) 7 PM National Changgeuk Company of Korea: Farewell My Concubine Changgeuk National Theater of Korea 140min Age 8 or older Jan. 18 (Wed) 10 AM
3 Jan. 15, 2023 (Wed) 7 PM Making Bolero, Heart’s Funeral, Laundry Contemporary Dance Korea National Contemporary Dance Company 65min Age 8 or older Feb. 1 (Wed) 10 AM
4 Mar. 1, 2023 (Wed) 7 PM Nabucco Opera Korea National Opera 140min Age 8 or older Feb. 15 (Wed) 10 AM
5 Mar. 15, 2023 (Wed) 7 PM Korea National Opera: Sound of Millennium — Rebirth Traditional music National Theater of Korea 57min Age 8 or older Mar. 1 (Wed) 10 AM
6 Apr. 5, 2023 (Wed) 7 PM National Dance Company of Korea: Hol Chum Ⅱ Traditional dance National Theater of Korea 77min Age 8 or older Mar. 15 (Wed) 10 AM
※ Details on the performance and schedule from the third week of April to December will be announced on the website later.
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ACC Theater, Theater 3

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