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< Wharf of Widows >
The song that never ends as long as the river exists

A new interpretation of a beloved popular novel of Vietnam. The play shows the will of people to move toward a better life even in the pain left by war.

< Wharf of Widows ><br>
The song that never ends as long as the river exists
  • DateSep. 23 (Sat) – Sep. 24 (Sun), 2023
  • TimeSat 5 PM – 6:30 PM / Sun 2 PM – 3:30 PM
  • PlaceTheater 1
  • Age LimitAges 7 and older (born before 2016 or elementary students)
  • Person320 seats
  • Price R seats: KRW 20,000 / S seats: KRW 10,000
  • TicketWebsite / Call center / Ticket office
  • Contact+82-1899-5566
  • Running time 90 min.


Age limit
  • Age limit: Ages 7 and older (born before 2016 or elementary students)
  • Please bring a proof that indicates your date of birth (NHIS certificate, resident registration certificate, passport, student ID card, etc.)
  • * Those who are younger than the age limit are restricted from entering the performance hall regardless of ticket purchase or presence of a guardian.
  • * Cancellation, refund, or change of booking on the day of the performance for not knowing the age limit is not available.
Ticket booking and pick-up
  • Pick-up of tickets and on-site purchase of tickets are available for one hour before the show begins.
  • * Confirm booking no. or mobile phone no. to claim ticket.
  • Wheelchair seats can be purchased via the call center (+82-1899-5566).
  • All discounts are applicable to the recipient of the ticket, not the purchaser.
  • * Discount documents must be presented on-site for discounted tickets. Full price must be paid when documents are not available.
Matters to note
  • The Asia Culture Center has put an age restriction on the show and restricts photography and entry after the show has begun to ensure a pleasant viewing experience.
  • * All consequences arising due to failure to read the matters to note are the sole responsibility of the individual.
  • The audience may enter the performance hall 30 minutes before the show begins. entry after the beginning of the show may be restricted.
  • * Entry time may vary according to situations or the characteristics of the show. The audience is recommended to enter 10 minutes before the beginning of the show.
<Wharf of Widows>
The song that never ends as long as the river exists
A play recognized for its depth that transcend language and time.
<Wharf of Widows>, a nationally beloved fictional literature of Vietnam has been chosen as one to begin the ACC International Joint Creative Performance Project, as it has a familiar cultural factors such as "war" and "separation." In 2022, the ACC showcased a performance that blended incredible story that transcends time with a stage boasting traditional and contemporary styles. Earning recognition from the 2022 performance, it returned once again in 2023.
The Red Demon, the symbol of the pain of war, history shared by Korea and Vietnam
In the feudal society where women have to give birth to sons to continue their husbands’ line of blood, they remain in the village on the other side of the River Dinh and raise their children instead of husbands that died in the war. Amid the tragedy that their grown-up sons, too, die in war, they endure the crushing weight of life. But young women show stronger will to move toward a better life, unlike their mothers, implying that the pain of war, too, will be healed in time. Such history of Vietnam and narrative of women are not too different to that of Korea. We hope our audience to look back on our history and find new hopes through them.
Dinh River on the stage, magical imagery, and live music
"Water" that fills the stage symbolizes the Dinh River that has been flowing for over thousands of years, carrying life, death, despair, and hope all together. The performance presents mystical imageries and colors that represent beautiful nature of Vietnam, while playing Korean traditional music and dances, piano and cello, violin and gayageum, and Vietnamese chèo performances with live music.
* This performance is in Vietnamese with Korean subtitles.
In the east village nestled next to the Dinh River, single mothers that lost their husbands to war are living, raising their children. Nhan receives the news of the death of her husband in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, and is left with her two young children, in despair. But Van survives and returns home as a hero. Van is an old love of Nhan that she could not marry due to the opposition of family members. He still loved Nhan, but for Nhan and her children who had to survive in the conservative east village, he hides his feelings and refuses to meet another woman. Time flows. Hai Ying, Nhan’s daughter, marries Nghia, an old friend and lover despite their families’ oppositions, but they live a poor life without a proper housing.
Meanwhile, Nghia is conscripted to the Vietnam War. Nghia’s parents, then, accepts Hai Ying as their daughter-in-law. The cruel war consumes the lives of many young villagers including Hiep, the son of Nhan, but fortunately, Nghia returns home. However, the happiness does not last long. As they fail to conceive a child and Nghia’s father dies, Nghia is forced by his family to get married again and Hai Ying is thrown out of the house. The night before Nghia’s second wedding, Hai Ying, in immeasurable despair, decides to venture into the world by crossing the Dinh River, away from the east village, and visits uncle Van in the dead of a night that is pouring with heavy rain.
About the Original Work
Original work: <Wharf of Widows (Bến không chồng) >
Duong Huong, the author of <Wharf of Widows (Bến không chồng)> is one of the most representative Vietnamese authors and received the "Vietnam Author’s Association Award (1991)" and the "Award of Merit for Literacy and Arts (2016)" for the work. This novel depicts a rural village in Northern Vietnam that is torn by the Vietnam War. Translated into multiple languages, it has been re-printed for more than 14 times. It has been made into many other forms such as movies, plays, and drama, earning the love of many Vietnamese people. It tells a vivid story of people that struggled in the pain and tragedy of history but overcoming them with strong will.

  • Producer (Korea)
    Um Dongyoul

  • Producer (Vietnam)
    Nguyen Xuan Bac

  • Director
    Kim Minjung

  • Cooperator Director
    Hoang Lam Tung

  • Interpretation/
    Creative Writer

    Han Areum

  • Music
    Han Hyeshin

  • Music
    Chung Huijae
작곡과 및 공연 내용 안내
Program Director

Lee Joohyun

Stage Designer Kim Jongseok Video Design

Lee Sukyung

Lighting Designer Choi Boyun Sound Designer

Park Jaihyun

Dressing Designer Kim Sookhee
Stage Director

Jung Hwikyung

Assistant Director

Yoon Youngmin

Company Manager

Ko Soohyun & You Younju


  • Hanh Ying
    Pham Thi Thu Hong

  • Van
    Truong Tuan Vu

  • Nghia
    Le Quang Dao

  • Nhan
    Nguyen Thi Mai Huong

  • Nghia’s Father
    Nguyen Minh Hai

  • Nghia’s Mother
    Nguyen Thai An

  • Hon
    Do Thi Thu Theu

  • Woman 1, Thuy
    Nguyen Thi Phuong Nam

  • Woman 2
    Ho Thi Lien

  • Woman 3
    Pham Thi Huong Thuy

  • Dot
    Doan Xuan Nam

  • Hiep
    Luu Van Hoang

  • Ton
    Nguyen Manh Quan
Joint Production
Korea Association of Performing Arts Producers
The Korea Association of Performing Arts Producers, established in 2004, was launched to contribute to the improvement of quality of Korea’s performing arts (e.g., plays, musicals, etc.), protect overall rights and interest of those in the industry, and create better performance planning and production conditions through networking between its members. Currently, about 250 producers are active as its members.
Vietnam National Drama Theatre
The Vietnam National Drama Theatre (VNDT) is a public theater under the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. It represents contemporary performing arts of Vietnam including plays and musicals, while preserving them and developing and continuing traditional performances with new perspectives. Established in 1952, the theater contributed to the revolutionary development of performing arts of Vietnam, and is growing together along with Vietnam's economy by exchanging its culture with diverse countries such as Russia, Germany, France, the U.S, Japan, and more.
Place Info.

ACC Theater, Theater 1

Copyright(C) Asia Culture Center. All rights reserved

38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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