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< Kush Nama - A Never Ending Story >

Stories of countless nameless souls that lived and perished in war-torn ages told by Persian storytellers

< Kush Nama - A Never Ending Story >
  • Date Sep. 8 (Fri) – Sep. 9 (Sat), 2023
  • TimeFri 7:30 PM / Sat 2 PM
  • PlaceTheater 1
  • Age LimitAges 13 and older (born before 2010 or middle school students)
  • Person150 seats
  • Price All seats KRW 10,000
  • TicketWebsite / Call center / Ticket office
  • Contact+82-1899-5566
  • Running time100 min.


Age limit
  • Age limit: Ages 13 and older (born before 2010 or middle school students)
  • Please bring a proof that indicates your date of birth (NHIS certificate, resident registration certificate, passport, student ID card, etc.)
  • * Those who are younger than the age limit are restricted from entering the performance hall regardless of ticket purchase or presence of a guardian.
  • * Cancellation, refund, or change of booking on the day of the performance for not knowing the age limit is not available.
Ticket booking and pick-up
  • Pick-up of tickets and on-site purchase of tickets are available for one hour before the show begins.
  • * Confirm booking no. or mobile phone no. to claim ticket.
  • Wheelchair seats can be purchased via the call center (+82-1899-5566).
  • All discounts are applicable to the recipient of the ticket, not the purchaser.
  • * Discount documents must be presented on-site for discounted tickets. Full price must be paid when documents are not available.
Matters to note
  • The Asia Culture Center has put an age restriction on the show and restricts photography and entry after the show has begun to ensure a pleasant viewing experience.
  • * All consequences arising due to failure to read the matters to note are the sole responsibility of the individual.
  • The audience may enter the performance hall 30 minutes before the show begins. entry after the beginning of the show may be restricted.
  • * Entry time may vary according to situations or the characteristics of the show. The audience is recommended to enter 10 minutes before the beginning of the show.
<Kush Nama - A Never Ending Story>
History of mankind is history of war. Countless souls perished in numerous wars, and even today, wars and terrors continue to plague us. <Kush Nama - A Never Ending Story> is a new re-interpretation of <Kush Nama>, a grand epic of Persia, sending a message of anti-war and coexistence in the world that keeps repeating the history of tragedy. Three actors play characters that represent Persia, Silla, and China, acting many nameless souls that lived in war-torn ages. Courtier, wet nurse, dwarf, merchant, translator, oarsman, blacksmith, and courier tell their stories in monologue. These are our stories and stories that will repeat endlessly. And when these stories gather together, a new story is born.
“What is Kush Nama?”

Kush Nama is an oral epic of ancient Persia, telling the stories of heroes of the time. This epic is enormous in volume with more than 10,000 couplets. It has been handed down by oral stories for centuries, and was written down in the 11th century by Ḥakim Iranshān. In this epic, Silla, one of Korea’s ancient kingdom is mentioned in verse 2011-5925 from 10,129 verses of the entire epic.

Professor Lee Hee-su and Dr. Daryoosh dedicated themselves in translating <Kush Nama> to English with many Iranian scholars with expertise in ancient Persian language. They also analyzed complex names of land and people, and history and legends that appear in <Kush Nama> and presented them in an international journal. <Kush Nama> is considered as a valuable set of data for studying ancient history such as the political relationship between Silla and the Sasanian Empire, the relationship between the Korean peninsula and Western Asia during the early phase of advent of Islam, cultural exchange through the ancient silk road, and diplomatic relationship of Silla.

Excerpt from <Kush Nama>, Lee Hee-soo

Kush, a son of a Chinese emperor, is thrown into river as soon as he is born. Abtin, a prince of the fallen Persian empire takes Kush, a son of his sworn enemy, and raises him with love. But Kush betrays Abtin and kills his last remaining son, Sabar. Abtin is chased by the Chinese army to Silla, and marries Fararang, a princess of Silla for a political back-up. Abtin wanted power to avenge and Fararang wanted to be free from his father. Although their marriage began under political/practical understandings, they soon learn to love and trust each other as they overcome difficulties, and give birth to a son named Faridun. Abtin attempts to rebuild his kingdom with the help of Silla, but dies in the process. Faridun succeeds his father’s quest for vengeance. Kush and Faridun encounter in a battlefield. And Fararang jumps between them. Could these three characters representing China, Persia, and Silla sever the endless history of war and vengeance and move toward a better world?
Director Seo Jeong-wan
Play <Hertzclang>, <Demian Wiedergeburt>, <The Glass Menagerie>, <Today, They Lived.>, <Park In-hwan, Living the Poem>, <Anchor>, <Demian Live>, <I Am Still Here>, <The Haunting of Hathaway House>, <Love Song of Loom>, <Modern Times>, immersive theater work <Ghost in the Theatre: Beyond Game> <I Meet You>, and musical <Nannerl> <Lust> <Hello Mancheonha Budae Jjigae> <Miss Lonely Heart>, etc.
  • 2020 Selected for an exhibition of the Doosan Art Lab
  • 2019 Won the Grand Award with < I Am Still Here > at the Incheon Civil Play Awards
  • 2018 Script and Director’s Award with < Today, They Lived. > at the Tokyo Lunatic Festival
    < Today, They Lived > won the Best Collection 4 at the Gyeonggi Performing Arts Festa
  • 2017 Nominated in Director’s category at the Art Korea Creative Academy
    Won Silver Medal with < Human Canon Show > at the Geochang International Festival of Theatre
Playwright Ahn Li-jun
Play <Hertzclang> <Demian Wiedergeburt> <I Wasn't There in Gwangju>
Musical <Singing in the Moonlight > <Gwangju>
Collection of short stories <Selling Feelings at Discounts> <Bear, Bear, What Bear> <The House Builder>, etc.
  • 2019Nominated as an outstanding author by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
  • 2018< Baekhee > won the Rookie of the Year Award for short contemporary fiction category
    Nominated as the rising star in the fictional stories category by the Arts Council Korea, Arts Korea Creative Academy
  • 2017Won the Grand Award with < Coat > in fictional stories category at the Pyeongsari Literature Awards by the Toji Literature Festival
작곡과 및 공연 내용 안내
Director Seo Jeong-wan Script Ahn Li-jun Producer Goh Kang-min
Program Director Lee Eun-kyeong Production PD Kim Hye-min Assistant Director Lee A-rim
Music Director Han Bo-ram Choreographer Ahn Mi-kyeong Sound Designer Park Han Kyeong-eun
Lighting Designer Chang Won-seop Costume Design Lee Si-nae Prop Designer Paek Hye-rin
Dressing Designer Seok Pil-seon Stage Director Lee Myuk-soo Stage Video East Hug
Voice Director Ryu Mi        
Kim Young-no  Kush
Musical <Romeo and Juliet>, play <Camel Box>, play <I Wasn't There in Gwangju>, play <King Lear: Apocrypha>, family music play <Tale of The Rabbit>, play <Time Riding Circus Elephant>, play <Story of Dua>, play <The Escape>, etc.
Lim Jin-gu  Abtin
Play <Boat of Death & Seagulls>, play <The Chalk Circle>, play <The Real Man Watanabe>, play <Report Guide>, play <The Glass Menagerie>, play <Camel Box>, play <I Wasn't There in Gwangju>, play <Human Canon Show>, play <The Escape>, play <Time Riding Circus Elephant>, etc.
Choi Ha-yoon  Fararang
Play <Anne of Green Gables>, play <Vanitas>, TV show <Fanletter Please>, play <The Chalk Circle>, TV show <Inspector Koo>, TV show <Monthly Magazine House>, musical <Mundane Things>, play <Camel Box>, play <BEA>, etc.
About the Theater Company
Playfactory Mabangzen was founded by playwriter and director Koh Sun-woong in 2005.
Mabangzen refers to a sum of numbers that coincide with all directions, which is a precise numerical system. It conveys the belief that the actors together should always be the same regardless of their personal emotions or differences. The company won 2022 Best 7 Korea Play with <The Chalk Circle>, 2019 Best 7 Korea Play with <Camel Box>, 2016 Seoul Arts Center Arts Grand Award and 2015 E-Daily Cultural Awards with <The Tragic Story of Hongdo the Courtesan>, and 2011 Dong-A Play Awards with <Macbeth, with a Blade>.
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ACC Theater, Theater 1

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