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Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Asia Culture Center

2023 Asia Screendance: Dancing Cities of Asia

The 2023 Asia Screendance features screening of unique dance performances of performers from all across Asia. The screening will present traditional dances of Bangladesh and Bollywood cinema with entertaining dance sequences, in celebration of Korea’s 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties with Bangladesh and India.

2023 Asia Screendance: Dancing Cities of Asia
  • DateSep. 22 (Fri) – Sep. 24 (Sun), 2023
  • TimeSep. 22 (Fri) 7:30 PM
    Sep. 23 (Sat) 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM
    Sep. 24 (Sun) 1 PM, 3 PM
  • PlaceTheater 3
  • Age LimitAges 7 and older (those born in 2016 or earlier)
  • Person200 seats
  • Price Free
  • TicketWebsite / Ticket office / Call center
  • Contact+82-1899-5566
  • Information* The program is a screening of dance films and performance videos. Only the 1 PM session on Sep. 22 is an actual performance with dancers on stage. Please take note when making your reservation.

2023 Asia Dance Community
The ACC's Asia Dance Community is a 2023 international exchange program consisting of screendance and a symposium organized with 14 member states. The Asia Screendance screening that will take place from Sep. 22 to 24 will feature unique dance performances of Southeast Asia and South Asia. The screening will also feature traditional dances of Bangladesh and Bollywood cinema with entertaining dance sequences, in celebration of Korea’s 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties with Bangladesh and India.

The symposium will introduce Korea’s Talchum, Cambodia's Lkhon Khol, and other mask dances of Asia, including Bangladesh and Nepal. To celebrate Talchum being listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2022, the symposium aims to shed light on the values and meaning of masked dances, which are a common practice in Asia.
Asia Dance Community
Asia Dance Community at the ACC has been making efforts for exchange with Asian dancers since 2011. Through various exchange programs, such as workshops, performances, conferences, developing repertoires, and choreographer labs, we have been establishing a hub where dancers of Asia can get together.
* Participating countries:
Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Bhutan, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea
2023 Asia Screendance
Dancing Cities of Asia
The Asia Dance Community of the ACC has organized the Asia Screendance with 14 member countries. Various dances of Asia will be screened in cities, households, and outside. This screening of contemporary dance performances of Asia is a perfect opportunity for the audience to watch unfamiliar and unique performances. Special screenings that feature dynamic dances of Bangladesh and India will also be available, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Bangladesh and India.

Media Wall located on the outdoor plaza will feature short videos of Asian dances and Bangladeshi pop music and culture. Asia Plaza will demonstrate traditional dances performed by the Bangladeshi dance company Shadona, from Sep. 23 to 24. We invite you to the Dancing Cities of Asia in September.
프로그램 세부내용
Location Time Sep. 19 (Tue) Sep. 22 (Fri) Aug. 23 (Sat) 9.24.(일)
ACC Theater 3 9:30 AM ACC Asia Dance Community Symposium      
1 PM     Special Performance of South Asia
(dance performance prior to screening)
Special Performance of Southeast Asia 2
3 PM     Special Performance of Northeast Asia Special Screening in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Korea-India Diplomatic Relations
5 PM     Special Performance of Asia Screendance  
7:30 PM   Special Performance of Southeast Asia    
Media Wall   Dancing Cities of Asia Special Screening of “Dancing City, Dhaka” in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Korea-Bangladesh Diplomatic Relations
Asia Plaza 2 PM       Folk Dance of Bangladesh
4 PM     Folk Dance of Bangladesh  
Special Performance of Southeast Asia – Sep. 23 (Fri) 7:30 PM
Soar, 翔
  • Singapore | 2022 | 5 min. | Color
  • Director _ Chan Sze-Wei
  • Choreographer _ Neo Jenny

This performance was inspired by the mythical Huma bird’s desire to fly. Hindi scriptures say that this creature lives its entire life flying high above earth without taking any rest. It is believed that the bird even lays eggs while flying. The bird stops flying only after its death. The continuous flight and pursuit of freedom in this film are a metaphor for the artist's soul, which seeks to soar through creation, being trapped in a cage, or the surrounding environment.

Corpus, (Korpus)
  • Malaysia | 2022 | 14 min. | Color
  • Choreographer _ Murni Omar, Faillul Adam

Choreography is the result of surveying and exploring creative ways to incorporate traditional factors into contemporary choreography. “Corpus” in writing refers to a collection of written texts or a mass of writings on a specific topic. The development of choreography is still in progress, using a series of ideas and methods to create a modern work with traditional factors. Dancers not only perform the role of dancers, but also serve as factors in the research and creation of choreography.

A Bountiful Harvest (Dumendingan)
  • Philippines | 2022 | 8 min. | Color
  • Director _ Robert Stephen Biadoma
  • Choreographer _ Benedict Fausto

“Dumendingan” is a traditional dance passed down in Lapuyan, Zamboanga del Sur, northwest of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is believed that the Subanon people that live along the river passed down the dance. The dance represents the festive atmosphere of the Subanon community celebrating a bountiful harvest and is usually performed by women.

The Pearl Teardrop (Hàm lệ minh châu)
  • Vietnam | 2021 | 18 min. | Color
  • Director/Choreographer _ Nguyen Hong Phong

The ballet performance in this video is an excellent incorporation of classical ballet and traditional Vietnamese folk dance with contemporary dance. “The Pearl Teardrop” that combines the music of the renowned Impressionist composer Claude Debussy with ballet serves as the cultural meeting point of the East and West. The work comprising four sessions intersects the past and present between the love stories of contemporary lovers conveying tragic and legendary stories. The LED screen techniques and the use of light and transparent fabrics in 3D spaces allow artists to interact not only for visual effect, but also it serves as a way for academic art to maintain a loyal audience group and reaching younger audiences.

Planting In The Barren Land (Menanam Di Tanah Tandus)
  • Indonesia | 2022 | 12min | Color
  • Director/Choreographer _ Rines Onyxi Tampubolon
  • Rines Onyxi TAMPUBOLON

This work was created to welcome and share news about the choreographer on their journey to become a dance expert and activist. What comes to life and what can be felt when walking through artworks toward the universe? How are you?

Special Performance of South Asia – Sep. 24 (Sat) 1 PM
  • Bangladesh | Live Performance, Shadona | 20 min.
  • Artistic Director_ Lubna Marium
  • Dance Direction_ Amit Chaudhuri

Asia's first lyricist to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, Rabindranath Tagore, particularly wrote a significant amount of Bengali poems. The dance inspired by his work “Fireflies” conveys the sparkling thoughts on god and the life and beauty of fireflies.

The Kitchen
  • India | 2021 | 10 min. | Color
  • Director/Choreographer _ Vishwakiran Nambi

This short film on dance goes over the traditional role of women in a patriarchal society. Inspired by his mother, the director commemorates the remembrance of his mother with this story filled with traditional cooking of the 1980s.

 Arrival of Prince Vijaya (Vijayavatharanaya)
  • Sri Lanka | 2020 | 8min | Color
  • Director/Choreographer _ Rangika Jeewantha

Long ago in Sri Lanka, Queen Kuveni settled in an island protected by the vast ocean and ruled over Yakkhas and Nagas. According to legends, when the future King Vijaya was a prince, he was exiled from Sinhapura, India. Later he returned with an entourage to the shores of Sri Lanka. Upon his arrival, the prince was welcomed with a lively festivity in Sirisavatthu, creating a significant chapter in the island's history. Prince Vijaya and Queen Kuveni fell in love after their encounter. With the queen's support, the prince ascended the throne and ruled Sri Lanka. This series of events passed down through ancient legends incorporate the story of the origins of the kingdom and Prince Vijaya's journey to becoming king, forming the nation's rich cultural heritage while also showing a well-structured culture like tapestry.

Special Performance of Northeast Asia – Sep. 23 (Sat) 3 PM
Things That Make Us Move
  • Korea | 2021 | 20min | Color
  • Director _ Park Kui-young
  • Choreographer _ Kim Sung-yong

COVID-19 has pushed us to the digital world. Amid such situation, what is the future of live concerts? This work has been created as an attempt to find the intersecting point of videos and live performances. See how the Daegu City Dance Company has changed the stage, lobby, and the whole theater, and how 30 dance artists lead the audience to let them delve into the live experience in this particular location. This work features a new kind of approach that vividly interacts with the audience, enlivening art.

TONARI (となり)
  • USA, Japan | 2022 | 16min | Color
  • Director _ Ben Tarqui
  • Choreographer _ Sophia Noel

“Tonari” is a Japanese term commonly used to say “right next” or “next door.” We often consider neighbors as the nearest people. However, in modern society, you can ask a drummer who is thousands of miles away in Japan to play the beat through Zoom. Your mother residing in California can tell you to tidy up your room through FaceTime. Today, your neighbor is not just people living nextdoor, but also those across the sea, those right in front of you, or just about anyone.
This project sheds light on two neighbors living 8,000 miles away in Tokyo and San Francisco. The participants visualizes the special connection between the U.S and Japan in their own ways, creating a beautiful pattern on the water surface through films, dance, and music.

Writing Using
  • Korea | 2022 | 26min | Color
  • Director _ Kim Ji-un
  • Choreographer _ Ahn Ae-soon

A gets up from bed. A gets out of bed splitting in several bodies, and the bodies begin to make same movements. The bodies start to gradually move on to their own businesses. The split bodies express their own emotions, and the bodies are expressed through the emotions. A glares at the spaces of each body while passing through them, and at the same time, looks at the present body connected with the body of the past.

Special Screening of Asia Screendance – Sep. 23 (Sat) 5 PM
Call Me Dancer
  • India, UK, Israel, USA | 2023 | 88 min. | Color
  • Director _ Leslie Shampaine, Pip Gilmour

Manish is a young and talented street dancer from Mumbai who is struggling against his parents’ insistence that he follow a traditional path because they are counting on their only son to support them. When he secretly attends an inner-city dance school and accidentally walks into a ballet class he meets Yehuda, a curmudgeonly 70-year-old Israeli teacher, and a hunger develops within him. Ambitious and passionate, Manish is determined to make it as a professional dancer, but the odds are stacked against him.

2nd Special Performance of Southeast Asia – Sep. 24 (Sun) 1 PM
Time Pass, Years Pass (时间影子)
  • Singapore | 2023 | 18 min. | Color
  • Director _ Liao Jiekai
  • Choreographer _ Low Mei Yoke

As the older generation inspires young people to continue their legacy, young people turn their gaze to the endless sky. What will they achieve in this new kind of world? Contemporary dancers of Frontier Danceland spontaneously reinterprets the motifs of old works and makes transformations, giving meaning to them by tying their knees together, making cocoon-like forms, and looking at the world from the top of a banyan tree.

Singkil (Sagip)
  • Philippines | 2023 | 9min | Color
  • Director _ 로버트 스티븐 비아도마 Robert Stephen BIADOMA
  • Choreographer _ 루크레시아 우르툴라 Lucrecia URTULA

‘싱킬’은 마라나오 부족의 서사시 ‘다란젠’에 나오는 일화를 춤으로 해석한 작품으로, 마라나오 부족의 영웅 반투간을 찬양하고 있다. 이 춤은 필리핀 국립무용단만의 특징적 무용작품이 되었고, 공주가 해를 입지 않도록 보호하려는 왕자의 사랑을 춤으로 옮겨 보여준다. 싱킬은 민다나오의 초기 연구 과정에서 발견되었으며, 가장 극적인 레퍼토리로 발전했다.

Brand New Life (Hidoep Baroe)
  • Indonesia | 2020 | 3min | Color
  • Director/Choreographer _ Razan Wirjosandjojo

Brand New Life (Hidoep Baroe) was inspired by the grand political propaganda of the “Hidoep Baroe Movemㅅent” organized by the Commander-in-chief and House of Councillors in 1945, when Indonesia was occupied by the Japanese Empire. This exercise consisting 33 unique postures and movements boosted national development in the economy and building infrastructure.

Nora Thai Fit (โนรา ไทยฟิต)
  • Thailand | 2023 | 37min | Color
  • Director _ Unyuang Tantong
  • Choreographer _ Thai Fit Studio

Thai fit refers to the combination of Thai dance movements and fitness exercise to create dynamic dance postures. The choreography was developed with the collaboration of medical professionals and sports scientists aimed to comply with health principles. This innovative approach seamlessly integrates art and culture into comprehensive movements suitable for individuals of different fitness levels.

Special Screening in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Korea-India Diplomatic Relations – Sep. 24 (Sun) 3 PM
  • India | 2021 | 136min | Color
  • Director _ Revanth Korukonda

Natyam is a film on Kuchipudi, a folk dance of India, that unfolds the stories of modern India and India before independence. Sitara, a girl who lives in Natyam, a made-believe village renowned for traditional dances, gives her all to bring back the time of the choreography of her dance guru. She finds the true power and significance of traditional Indian dance during her journey. The film conveys a message of “dance itself is a story to change the world.”

Media Wall Screening – Sep. 19 (Tue) – Sep. 24 (Sun)
Boar Dance (Phag Cham)
  • Bhutan | 2023 | 3min | Color
  • Director _ Phub Wangdi
  • Choreographer _ Penjor

The most significant mask dance during this performance is Phag cham, a dance performed wearing boar masks. It is said that Phag cham was composed in the 15th century. At that time, terton (discoverer of ancient hidden texts or terma) Rigzin Pema Lingpa was looking for a suitable place to build a monastery. It is said that, terton Rigdzin Pema Lingpa had a vision, where yidam (deity) Dorje Phagmo, or the boar-headed deity, performed the dance and told him that he should learn this dance and perform it during the consecration ceremony of the monastery. The construction of the temple was completed in early 15th century.

Myanmar Traditional Solo Dance
  • Myanmar | 1955 | 5min | Color
  • Choreographer _ Daw Awbar Thaung

The dancer that plays the role of a royal princess in this traditional Myanmar homage dance pays respect to Buddha, Dhamma (teachings of Buddha), Sangha (monastic communities), elders, and the audience, showing standardized dances, elegant movements, and bowing as a sign of obedience. This dance pays respect to the audience at the beginning and end in the customary way of Myanmar.

Myanmar Traditional Folk Dance
  • Myanmar | 2022 | 5min | Color
  • Director _ Khaing Tun
  • Choreographer _ Win Pa Pa

This dance is a representation of Myanmar folk dance that demonstrates the various movements of young men and women, such as transplanting rice to the rice field, harvesting, sowing, carrying rice, winnowing the rice field, and so forth. The part of transplanting rice features youngsters having fun teasing each other.

Gamelan Dance (Joget Gamelan)
  • Malaysia | 2021 | 6min | Color
  • Director/Choreographer _ Norsafini Jafar

“Joget Gamelan Kundang-kundang Mabuk”, also known as “Sulang Arak”, refers to drunk Dutch people. The dance moves that portray the Dutch or Kundang-kundang kings excessively drinking perhaps to celebrate success show the actions of drunken people and drinking movements.

Rice, Srov
  • Cambodia | 2021 | 5min | Color
  • Choreographer_ Chey Chankethya

Rice (Srov) is the source of life and symbolizes humble motherhood that is soft and flexible yet strong and nurturing. The dance depicts the encounter between rice and wind through pleasant sights and sounds. The invisible wind represents light, joy, and energy, and is in perfect balance with the grounded yet flexible rice plants. The choreographer creates room for classical dance motifs to be revealed in a novel way through this contemporary dance work.

Cultural and Heritage, Traditional Brunei Dance
  • Brunei | 2010-2011 | 3min | Color
  • Producer_ Hj Johan Hj Sulaiman

“Joget” is a fast-paced dance of youngsters who love nature that portray the uniqueness of communities where people live a happy and balanced life. The songs convey lyrics of every day advices for younger generations. This dance performance can be seen in many occasions, such as official events and weddings.

Folk Dance of Bangladesh (Asia Plaza)

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Bangladesh, a folk dance performance has been prepared to showcase the traditional culture of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, which has a rather short history as an independent state, people tend to enjoy folk dance more than traditional dances. “Shadona”, the only NGO accredited by UNESCO for safeguarding intangible heritage in Bangladesh, features various folk dances of the nation.

Bangladeshi Martial Dance | Bangladeshi Nomad | Wedding Dance | Gombhira | Baul Dance | Original Dance Based on Literature of Tagore and Nazrul
The running time of each performance is about 10 minutes. Different performances are featured on Sep. 23 and 24.

Dancing City Dhaka, Bangladesh (Media Wall)

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Bangladesh, the ACC Asia Dance Community has organized a screendance that portrays the pop culture of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, social norms discourage people from pursuing dancer as a professional career. Farzana Ridy Sheikh from Bangladesh is a “dance celebrity”. Recently, television shows on dance battles like “Street Woman Fighter” of Korea have been produced in Bangladesh. Farzana Ridy Sheikh appeared in one of the shows and gained popularity. She appeared in dance television shows of not only Bangladesh, but also Ukraine, Russia, and India, achieving great success. Nicknamed the “dancing star of Bangladesh,” she is loved by the younger generation for her dances based on traditional moves and being active on social media. The dancer performs folk dances of Bangladesh, traditional dances of India such as Kathak and Bharatanatyam, as well as hiphop, jazz, and punk, which are blended to create the “dance of Bangladeshi cities.”
The wedding song of Noya Daman that is played as the background music has been arranged,
The song Noya Daman, which is played as the background music has been arranged from a folk wedding song. This song was later recognized as one of the top 10 music videos of 2021 by Daily Bangladesh. The restaurant that appeared as the setting is one of the most popular spots of Dhaka visited by influencers of the region.

프로그램 세부내용
Date and Time - Screening
Sep. 22 (Fri)
7:30 PM
Special Performance of Southeast Asia
(57 min.)
  • < Soar >(5min.)
  • < Corpus >(14min.)
  • < A Bountiful Harvest >(8min.)
  • < The Pearl Teardrop >(18min.)
  • < Planting In The Barren Land >(12min.)
Sep. 23 (Sat)
1 PM
Special Performance of South Asia
(38 min.)
  • Fireflies (20min.)
  • < The Kitchen >(10min.)
  • < Arrival of Prince Vijaya >(8min.)
Sep. 23 (Sat)
3 PM
Special Performance of Northeast Asia
(62 min.)
  • < Things That Make Us Move >(20min.)
  • < Tonari >(16min.)
  • < Writing Using >(26min.)
Sep. 23 (Sat)
5 PM
Special Screening of Asia Screendance
(86 min.)
  • < Call Me Dancer >(86min.)
Sep. 24 (Sun)
1 PM
Special Performance of Southeast Asia 2
(67 min.)
  • < Time Pass, Years Pass >(18min.)
  • < SINGKIL >(9min.)
  • < Brand New Life >(3min.)
  • < Nora Thai Fit >(37min.)
Sep. 24 (Sun)
3 PM
Special Screening in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Korea-India Diplomatic Relations (136 min.)
  • < Natyam >(136min.)
Place Info.

ACC Theater, Theater 3

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