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2021 ACC_R Residency Exhibition

An exhibition that shares the results of the 2021 ACC_R Residency participants’ research and exchange. It features contemporary and convergence technology–based reinterpretations of traditional crafts, interdisciplinary convergence research and criticism, and Asian joint creation performance research.

2021 ACC_R Residency Exhibition<br>
<Beyond Biophilia>
  • DateApril 19 (Tue) – May 19 (Thu) 2022
  • Time10:00 ~ 18:00
  • PlaceSpace 2
  • Age LimitAll ages
  • Price Free
  • TicketFree admission
  • Contact1899-5566

2021 ACC_R Residency Exhibition
Beyond Biophilia
In 2020, the ACC_R Residency chose a theme of worldwide importance, “biophilia” (love of life). The idea of evolution, realized in its present form by humanity, made true the claim that in the end, one may be ruled by another in the grand scheme of things. We face the realization that the dazzling heights reached by humanity for such a short period of time were built not of human excellence but of a history of violence. Thus, we sought to revisit the modernistic view of nature that served as the basis of our gluttonous consumption of nature. It was a time when we revisited the hierarchical human-centered slogans in the world.

We had to stand on the ground, however. Temporary measures became the New Normal, and our worries moved on from the next day or month to the life of our children on Earth. That is the reason why the 2021 ACC_R stayed on the page of biophilia. The ACC_R Residency Exhibition, Beyond Biophilia, will be held at the ground level of the ACC Creation Space 2. The space without elevation presents the necessary condition for equal coexistence.
In this critical zone, a geographical space where all life on Earth coexists, we now find wind, moss, and garlic. Here, we wish to cast our gaze into the world of the “beyond”—beyond the things that meet our gaze and embrace to the things that have made us who we are today, the ones that sustain the Earth outside our gaze. In imagining dystopia, the power of art sometimes comes across as weak, but art always finds our imagination of the future, and solidarity finds the possibility for change. We hope that this space, with the lives in here, will be an opportunity for you to imagine the world beyond, together.
2021 ACC_R Residency
Since 2015, ACC’s ACC_R Residency program has featured creators, producers, and researchers from Asia and the world. It serves as a venue for experiment and exchange in the fields of art and culture.
2021’s ACC_R Residency continued 2020’s theme, “Biophilia (Love of Life),” into a discussion of the relationship between one and the world, and art and technology in pursuit of a better life under the theme “Beyond Biophilia.”
Participants took part in the orientation and workshop programs to share their ideas and creative processes. They exchanged inspirations and completed their work through an expert matching program that provided multilateral and intensive advice about their work. Furthermore, they took part in a research tour, which explored the values of ACC (democracy, human rights, and peace) and established the foundations of constructing and expanding a network between the participants and the Asia Culture Center.
In the future, ACC_R Residency will continue its dedication to being “a window of Asian culture to the world,” and thus, establish a foundation for knowledge, technology, and experience to support creative talent.
ACC_R Creators
ACC_R Creators supports experiments based on art and technology, testing creative and future-oriented ideas. Specialists in various fields, such as artists, researchers, and engineers, are invited to use the infrastructure of ACT Studio to create their own projects and lead the overall process from planning, researching, and production to collaboration and exhibition.

  • Irene Agrivina Widyaningrum,
    Haryo Hutomo

  • Roberto Santaguida

  • Soojin Chang

  • Saet-byeol Kim, Yunjung Kim
  • Phillip Ryu
  • Yuri Lee
  • Ho-yeon Cho, Yeong-ju Kim
ACC_R Design
ACC_R Design is a residency program for the development of cultural goods based on graphic content specifically designed for ACC. For the year 2021, it featured reinterpretations of cultural archetypes through materials and techniques used in traditional crafts. The program expressed the values of Asian diversity and tolerance through sculptures that were processed through transmission and innovation, and given new life through contemporary aesthetics.
  • Won Deok Kwon
  • Hwajin Oh
  • Jae-ik Lee
  • Yeongbin Im
ACC_R Dialogue
ACC_R Dialogue, first presented in 2020, attempts to reflect on and make positive changes for society by exploring various perspectives and social discourses with thinkers, sociologists, scientists, and many others. Starting from culture and art, it aims at realizing interdisciplinary collaborations with the humanities, sociology, and science, and sharing research in various forms, such as publications and academic events.
  • Ju-hee Park
  • Hyunju Yu
  • Kwang-seok Lee
  • Sanghoon Heo
ACC_R Theater
ACC_R Theater is a platform that develops new and experimental work in the performing arts. This platform provides systematic support throughout the entire creative process before a production is put onstage. It supports research, creation and development, mentoring, showcase, and other fields required for the production of a performance. Moreover, the platform offers the infrastructure for the experimentation of incomplete performances.

  • Parnrut Kritchanchai

  • Surat Kaewseekram
  • Yujin Seol
  • Jongyeon Yun
ACC_R Roundtable
A roundtable discussion was created to share the results of the research, creation, and production initiatives undertaken by the participants of the 2021 ACC_R Residency. Furthermore, these discussions serve to expand on their ideas. In these discussions, participants of the ACC_R Dialogue present their results, share artists’ talks with ACC_R Creators participants, and exchange thoughts on the theme “Beyond Biophilia.”

This event can be watched in real-time onsite or through the official YouTube page of the Asia Culture Center.
  • DateApril 21, 2022 (THU), 14:00 – 17:00
  • VenueACC Creation Space 2, Archiving Lounge
  • MethodOnsite participation (no application required) / Asia Culture Center YouTube Channel Go to +
Time Description Notes
14:00~14:05 Opening and introductions Jong-nam YANG
(Academic researcher, Asia Culture Center)
14:05~14:20 Keynote speech Chang-hee CHOI
(Doctor of Philosophy)
14:20~14:40 A Diary of a Digital Object: Tracking the Actions of Objects that make up the Media Art Ecosystem in Korea Ju-hee Park
14:40~14:50 Q&A
14:50~15:10 Relationship Research “Poems written with Materials: Yoon-cheol Kim’s “Materiality” research from
Bruno Latour’s Concept of Ecology”
Hyunju Yu
15:10~15:20 The Relationship between Players and Ghosts, seen through Plays in Ghosts Ho-yeon Cho, Yeong-ju Kim
(ACC_R Creators)
15:20~15:30 Q&A
15:30~15:40 Coffee break
15:40~16:00 Technology and Ecosystem Conceptualizing Techno-ecopolitics in the Anthropocene Age Kwang-seok Lee
16:00~16:10 Examining Potentials for Digital Fungi through Robotics Yuri Lee
(ACC_R Creators)
16:10~16:20 Q&A
16:20~16:40 VR Media Utilization Immersive VR Exhibition System using Projection Mapping Sanghoon Heo
16:40~16:50 Phony Garden Saet-byeol Kim, Yunjung Kim
(ACC_R Creators)
16:50~17:00 Q&A
17:00~17:10 Floor Q&A and closing
Place Info.

ACC Creation, Space 2

Copyright(C) Asia Culture Center. All rights reserved

38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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