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Special Exhibition
To REWIND is Divine!

Experience the video culture of the past with videotapes of movies released in Korea!

Special Exhibition<br>
To REWIND is Divine!
  • Date2022.11.23.(Wed) ~ 2023.6.18.(Sun)
  • Time(TUE–SUN) 10:00–18:00
    (WED, SAT) 10:00–20:00
    *Closed on Mondays
  • PlaceACC Creation Space 5
  • Price Free
  • TicketFree admission
  • Contact+82-1899-5566


ACC Cinematheque Special Exhibition
To REWIND is Divine!
The beauty of analog videos and the appearance of cinephiles
ACC Cinematheque Special Exhibition “To REWIND is Divine!” features video home system (VHS) tapes that have disappeared during the transition from analog to digital world.

The heritage of videotapes cannot be overemphasized when it comes to Korean movies, especially in this time when K-culture is receiving earnest attention around the globe. The golden days of the video industry goes in line with the appearance of film magazines, cinephiles, production of blockbuster films with the capital of giant businesses, and inclusion of cinematography in the academic system. Producers and consumers of this industry are so-called “video kids,” who watched and understood films through VHS tapes and even collected them

Videotapes were distributed to the public with the production of VHS by JVC, a Japanese electronic company. The practicality of VHS tapes accelerated the film market boom. They permeated into not only film producers and distributors, but also households, playing a significant role in shifting cultural activities.

The artistic world experimented video media with Sony’s Portapaks that were produced from the 1950s, before the production of VHS tapes. The recursive and tactile features of videotapes—Play (▶), Pause (II), Stop (■), and Rewind (◀◀)—have made video be used as psychological channels, not formal tools. “Self-reflection” that was seen as “beauty of narcissism” in video art reminds of “selfies” and “YouTubers” of today, which are taking images of oneself. Such participatory and communicative videos made changes and development in the overall cultural arts of the century, kept in individuals and public history.

“To REWIND is Divine!” intends to focus on VHS tapes that is no longer available in video history, particularly those of films that received public attention. Film videos were practical and active for producers and consumers, as well as the formal sector and non-formal sector. This exhibition was designed to feature the culture of consumers, not focused on video producers (including artists). VHS tapes are exhibited as is, directly displaying the “property of material” that is hard to see in modern society.

Most of the VHS tapes displayed are owned by Gwangju cinephile Mr. Jo Dae-yeong. Destroyed and contaminated videotapes, as well as duplications have been removed from the 50,000 copies, leaving 25,000 for exhibition. Number of VHS tapes categorized by genre and region, VHS cover tag lines and age restriction, and rental fee and period marked by video rental shops are pieces of culture of the time.

Recently, the term “convergence” is often used in different areas of culture. This fancy word that sounds futuristic and democratic became vague after it has been exclusively associated with the digital technology culture. “Convergence” starts from all generations overcoming and expanding periodic and technological ideologies with the union of high-tech and low-tech. Although videos have become less familiar and unnecessary products for younger generations, we hope this exhibition gives direct and indirect experience to accept the culture as the origin of over-the-top media services, such as Netflix and YouTube. For those who lived in the time of videotapes, we hope to provide you the opportunity to bring back memories and reestablish them.
Curatorial Researcher Kim Ji-ha
1. Information
Film magazines KINO, ROADSHOW, and SCREEN, as well as video list books that were placed in video rental shops are available.
2. Collection of must-see videos that will take 77 years to finish when watching one video per day.
27,000 VHS tapes produced from the 1980s to 2000s in Korea are showcased in four sections.
  • Section A
    Universal/19+ y/o
    Series, action, Chinese film
  • Section B
    Korean, Japanese films, horror & B films, western & war films
    Jo Dae-yeong’s recommendations and recommendation of To REWIND is Divine!, other documentaries
  • Section C
    Cartoon series and children films
  • Red Zone
    Adult content, erotic films
    * Minors are restricted from entry,
    ID cards required
3. Video Room
Four films of the video era are edited for viewing at a box-type space.
* Screening: Watercolor Painting In A Rainy Day, A Better Tomorrow, Love Letter, La Boum
4. Chronicle of a Video Commune
Data of ‘Gwangju Video’, Gwangju's great video movement in the 1980s, and data on the non-institutional cinematheque movement centered in Gwangju and the metropolitan area from the 1990s to the early 2000s are available..
* Sources: The May 18 Memorial Foundation, Cultural School Seoul (Kim Eun-ah), Good Fellas (Jo Dae-yeong)
5. Rest Area
Rest area for visitors and where exhibition-linked talks are held.
VHS watching section is available at the beginning of the exhibition.
Exhibition-linked Screening
Screening and Talks
날짜, 테마, 주제, 강연자로 나열된 표
Date Screening Guest Venue
Homo Cinemacus Jo Dae-yeong (Program Director of Dong-gu Humanities Hall in Gwangju/Lender of the exhibited video)
Shin Eun-sil (Film Critic)
ACC Archive Theater 3
Dec. 10 (Sat)
Pause Seo Won-tae (Director of Pause)
Yim Pil-sung (Director of Scarlet Innocence and Antarctic Journal)
Jung Yoon-cheol (Director of Marathon and Warriors of the Dawn )
Han Dong-gyun (Editor of Pause)
Mo Eun-yeong (BIFAN Programmer)
ACC Archive Theater 3
Introduction of Screening
Homo Cinemcus (Director: Choi Seong-wook)

Gwangju had nothing about film in the eyes of a cinephile that was immersed in film since his younger days. Jo Dae-yeong, who appears to have been born for films, presents his ordinary life, as well as the process of collecting everything related to films and the reason behind it.

Pause (Director: Seo Won-tae)

Explore the meaning of videos and film culture stored in plastic cases that do not exist anymore, from the perspective of popular history and film history, and discover its cultural significance through talks with film directors, producers, and more.

  • Baek Juno
    CEO of Plain Archive

  • Lim Dae-hyung
    Director of Moonlit Winter

  • Yim Pil-sung
    Director of Scarlet Innocence and Antarctic Journal

  • Jung Yoon-cheol
    Director of Marathon and Warriors of the Dawn
Exhibition-linked Events
날짜, 테마, 주제, 강연자로 나열된 표
Date Topic Guest Venue
Dec. 2, 2022 (Fri)
Actors in the Era of Videotapes Kim Jeong-tae (Actor), Lee Hwa-jeong (Film Reporter) ACC Creation
Space 5
Dec. 16, 2022 (Fri)
Favorite Films in the Era of Videotapes Kim Se-yoon (FM Film Music Radio DJ), Kim Cho-hee (Director of Lucky Chan-Sil)
Jan. 6, 2023 (Fri)
Hong Kong Films in the Era of Videotapes Ju Seong-cheol (Film Reporter), Kim Yeong-woo, (Former BIFF Programmer)
Jan. 27, 2023 (Fri)
Erotic Films in the Era of Videotapes Bong Man-dae (Director of Playboy BONG), Kim Hyeong-seok (Film Critic)
“Players – Cassette Tapes, ROM Packs, and Videotapes”
  • DateJan. 11, 2023 (Wed) 15:00
  • VenueACC Creation Space 5
  • SpeakersLim Tae-hoon (SKKU), Oh Yeong-jin (HYU/Machine Critique), Lee Gyeong-hyeok (Game Critic)
Exhibition Trailer
Yearly Schedule
Yearly Schedule
날짜, 테마, 주제, 강연자로 나열된 표
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
30-1 (Jul) 28-29 25-26 22-23 27-28 Nov. 23, 2022 –
Feb, 19, 2023
Jeonju International Film Festival’s Top Picks Korean Film Archive’s Restoration, Vol. I Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival’s Top Picks From Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul Korean Film Archive’s Restoration, Vol. II Special Exhibition
“Basic Instincts on Video”
Busan International Film Festival’s Top Picks
※ The schedule and the theme of the program may be subject to change.
Place Info.

ACC Creation, ACC Creation Space 5

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38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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