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[ACC Brunch Concert] Jazz Critic Hwang Deokho X Jin Kim the Jazz Unit “Jazz in the Movies”

A concert dedicated to jazz music in films, featuring commentaries by jazz critic Hwang Deokho and the performance of Jin Kim the Jazz Unit. Listen to jazz numbers that have captivated the ears and eyes of moviegoers over generations.

[ACC Brunch Concert] Jazz Critic Hwang Deokho X Jin Kim the Jazz Unit “Jazz in the Movies”
  • Date2020.9.23
  • Time11:00 - 12:30
  • PlaceTheater 2
  • Age LimitFor ages 8 and older
  • Person235seats
  • Price R KRW 25,000 / S KRW 15,000
  • TicketACC Website / Call Center / Ticket Booth
  • Contact+82-1899-5566

Stop the Spread of Covid 19
Seat Distancing Policy Guide
As a part of our “social distancing” efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19), we have decided to implement a new “Seat Distancing Policy” for our May and June programs. We are always grateful for your love and support for the center, and once again ask for your understanding on the matter. We will keep you updated on any changes in the future.
※ The policy applies to scheduled programs in May and June, 2020. We will adjust our policies in alignment with the government’s response to the disease in the future.
Seat Distancing
  • For social distancing at program venues, audience members will be seated a seat apart from each other.
Temperature Check with Thermal Cameras
  • Thermal cameras will be placed at entrances (ACC Theater and ACC Children) to check the temperature of all visitors.
  • ※ Thermal camera locations: ACC Creation / ACC Theater, Library Park, ACC Children
  • ※ Non-contact thermometers will be used by ticket staff and guides if necessary.
  • Please note that if your body temperature is measured at 37.5℃ or higher, you may not be allowed to enter.
  • If you refuse to cooperate with the temperature check, you will not be allowed to enter the premises.
Mandatory Masks
  • If you do not wear a mask, you may be asked to leave the venue. Please put on your mask before entering.
Personal Information Consent Form
  • We are collecting visitors’ personal information for submission to the Gwangju government and other government bodies in case of a possible COVID-19 outbreak within the center premises. The collected information will not be used for any other purposes, and will be destroyed after two weeks.
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“Seat Distancing” at Theater 2, ACC Theater
거리두기 객석제 좌석표, 자세한 사항은 본문 참조.
The ACC is implementing mandatory temperature checks and mask wearing policies for all ticket staff, guides, and crew. We ask visitors to strictly maintain personal hygiene. Please refrain from visiting the center if you are suffering from a fever, cough, or sore throat, or you recently visited a country other than Korea. All of us at the ACC will do our best to protect your right to enjoy our programs and foster a safe environment for all visitors. Thank you.
ACC 브런치콘서트(Brunch Concert)
This concert features jazz numbers from films that have captivated the ears and eyes of moviegoers, and the stories behind them.

From “Fly me to the Moon,” a song featured in a great many live and animated features, “Someday My Prince Will Come,” a classic from Disney’s Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, to “My Favorite Things” from the musical film The Sound of Music, enjoy jazz numbers widely loved by film enthusiasts with the commentary of the jazz critic Hwang Deokho

No, 곡명, 작곡가로 나열된 표

No. Composer Title
1 Lalo Schifrin Mission Impossible
2 Irvin Berlin Cheek to Cheek
3 Bart Howard Fly Me to the Moon
4 Bob Sherman-Dick Sherman Everybody Wants To Be a Cat
5 Richard Rodgers-Oscar Hammerstein My Favorite Things
6 Frank Loesser I’ve never Been in Love Before
7 Luiz Bonfá Black Orpheus .
8 Frank Churchill-Larry Morey Someday My Prince Will Come
9 Juan Tizol-Duke Ellington Caravan
* * The above programs are subject to change.
Jin Kim the Jazz Unit 
Jin Kim the Jazz Unit was formed in 2010 by the trumpeter Jin Kim. The band plays in the traditional hard bop style. The band released its first album, Jin Kim the Jazz Unit, in 2015, followed by its 2017 release From Fall. They have performed in solo concerts and music festivals including the Seoul Jazz Festival (2016) and the Jarasum Jazz Festival (2017). Jin Kim the Jazz Unit performs on a regular basis at All That Jazz, a jazz club located in Itaewon, Seoul.
  • 진킴
    Jin Kim (trumpet)
  • Chris Vargar ds
    Chris Vargar (drums)
  • 곽정민 piano
    Kwak Jungmin (piano)
  • 이동민
    Lee Dongmin (bass)
  • 김은혜 vocla
    Kim Eunhye (vocal)
  • 유종현
    Yu Jonghyeon (tenor saxophone)
Jazz Critic Hwang Deokho
황덕호 사진
Hwang Deokho is a jazz critic/columnist. He has been hosting Jazz Diary at KBS Classic FM (93.1Mhz) since 1999, and teaching jazz history at Kyung Hee University since 2013. In 2018, Hwang started his own YouTube channel, Hwang Deokho’s Jazz Loft.
He wrote Jazz in the Attic, His Jazz Diary, Your First 12 Jazz Albums: Instruments and Compositions, and Your First 12 Jazz Albums: Vocal. He also co-wrote You and Haruki and Music, and Musicians’ Love Life.
He also translated Moving to Higher Ground: How Jazz Can Change Your Life (Winton Marsalis), The Jazz Scene (Eric Hobsbawm), Jazz (Eric Giddins & Scott Deveaux), and Bill Evans (Peter Pettinger).
  • Depending on shows, you may not enjoy a full view of the show from a side seat.
  • In order to ensure the best experiences for our visitors, the Asia Culture Center maintains a strict policy on age restrictions, late arrivals and photography during performance. You are liable for the issues caused by your failure to fully read the theater regulations. Also, please understand that the ACC does not accept on-site requests for ticket refund, cancelation, or change on the event date. We ask for your understanding.
  • You can claim tickets or purchase then on-site starting one hour before the show. Theater 2 opens 30 minutes before the concert. Please make sure to arrive by 10 minutes to the event. You may not be allowed to enter once the concert begins
  • Further information on tax credit for books and concert tickets +
  • Six seats are reserved for wheelchairs. You can book wheelchair seats by contacting our Call Center.
  • If wheel chair seats are not available, you can still book standard seats, in which case you will be asked to check your wheelchair before entering the concert hall.
  • If you are a wheelchair user and booked a standard ticket, please note that 2nd floor seats are more accessible than 1st floor seats.
Place Info.

ACC Theater, Theater 2

ACC Theater

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