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The 10th Regular Performance of Gwangju Metropolitan Opera
“Concert Opera Carmen’”

The opera most loved by Koreans!
An opera banquet that will take your breath away

The 10th Regular Performance of Gwangju Metropolitan Opera<br>“Concert Opera Carmen’”
  • DateAug. 13–14, 2022 (SAT–SUN)
  • Time17:00
  • PlaceTheater 2
  • Age LimitMust be 8 or older
  • Person472seats
  • Price KRW 70,000 for VIP seat / KRW 50,000 for R seat / KRW 30,000 for S seat / KRW 10,000 for A seat (Discount Info: Check booking sites)
  • TicketTicket Link +82 1588-7890
  • Contact+82-062-412-2502
  • Duration120 min

Notice for Viewers
Notes for Booking and Viewing
Viewer Age
  • Rating: Ages 8 and up (for those born in or before 2015)
  • Please bring any valid document with a written date of birth (e.g., health insurance certificate, passport, resident registration certificate) as this will be checked.
  • ※ Viewers below the age restriction will not be allowed to enter the auditorium regardless of the presence of a ticket or guardian.
  • ※ If you fail to attend the performance or are unable to enter the venue because of failure to acknowledge the age restriction, your reservation cannot be canceled and your tickets cannot be refunded or changed.
Ticket Reservation and Receipt
  • Receipt of reserved tickets and on-site purchases is available from 16:00 (1 hr before the performance).
  • ※ Be sure to receive your ticket after confirming the reservation number or the reserved person’s mobile phone number.
  • For those who wish to reserve wheelchair seats, please contact Ticket Link at +82-1588-7890.
  • ※ For discounted reservation, please provide evidence of discount; otherwise, you will be required to pay the full price at the entrance
Notes for the Audience
  • The ACC enforces age requirements and restricts photography and mid-performance entriesfor a pleasant viewing experience.
  • ※ It is the audience’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the venue’s entrance regulations; as such, audience members are liable to any disadvantages caused by it.
  • Entry will begin at 16:30 (30 min before the performance). Guests are not permitted to enter the venue after the performance has begun.
  • ※ Entry time may vary according to the characteristics of the performance and circumstances on site. However, it is generally recommended to be seated at least 10 min before the performance begins.
  • For this performance, you may get a parking discount ticket (for 4 hr) when you receive the paid ticket at the box office.
콘서트 오페라 <카르멘>
The Opera Most Loved by Koreans!
An Opera Banquest That Will Take Your Breath Away
Over 150 years since its first performance, Carmen has become one of the most loved opera performances in the world. The audience is enamored and captivated by its mournful songs of love.
The opera Carmen is a popular repertoire of the Gwangju Metropolitan Opera; it returns to Gwangju as a concert opera over three years since its completely sold-out run in 2019.
A Seduction Greater Than Love!
“Concert Opera Carmen”
The opera masterpiece Carmen by Georges Bizet, a French composer, is full of timeless masterpieces, such as “Habanera,” “Toreador Song,” and more, that all sing of a seduction that is larger than love. This rare performance session comes with commentary and a concert-style opera that will provide audiences with rich and splendid Spanish-style music and the passionate love stories of Carmen. The concert opera Carmen comes to Gwangju this August to paint the city with its sensual colors onstage!
“Love Is Like Birds Flying Free in the Field”
Don José, a Corporal of Dragoons in Seville, Spain, is an innocent young man with a sickly mother and a beautiful fiancée in his hometown. One day, a gypsy woman named Carmen, who worked at a tobacco factory, is sent to the jail for fighting with a fellow worker, and José is entrusted with transporting her to jail. José falls for Carmen’s seduction and lets her loose; he ends up becoming a fugitive himself and joins a band of smugglers. Later, José learns that Carmen is in love with a popular toreador Escamillo and becomes enraged by the fact that she has trampled his heart …

Carmen, a free gypsy spirit, and Don José, a soldier at the crossroads of self-control and desire, tell a complicated and passionate love story.

No, 곡명, 작곡가로 나열된 표

CAST Session 1 (Aug. 13) Session 2 (Aug. 14)

Kim Ha-neul

Kim Jung-mi
Don José

Lee Seok-neuk

Choi Won-whi

Jo Jae-gyeong

Kong Byung-woo

Lee So-jung

Park Ha-na

Jeong Eun-ji

Shin Eun-sun

Yang Eun-song

Kim Nam-young
El Dancaïro

Heo Ji-seong

Choi Ki-su
El Remendado

Koh Kyu-nam

Kim Tae-sung

Lee Ha-suk

Lee Jun-hee
Camerata JeonnamOrchestra
Camerata Jeonnam—combining the names of Camerata, a group of artists, and Jeonnam, the region where Gwangju is located—is an orchestral group that consists of active artists in Gwangju and the Jeonnam region who strive to enhance its musical capabilities and brand value. From Baroque and classical music to contemporary and creative music, it offers a wide range of repertoire and collaboration with top Korean musicians, enhancing brand values and providing new and diverse forms of performances. After their first performance in September 2017 in Gwangju, the group held their second regular performance in August 2018 in Daegu. The group was also invited to the “2019 World Orchestra Series,” hosted by the Daegu Concert House, and performed onstage. Through regular performances in Korea’s southeastern and southwestern regions and joint recruitment of orchestra members and collaborators, the orchestra group continues to contribute to the vitalization of artistic exchanges in the area.
In addition, in 2020 and 2021, the group was selected for the “Continuous Performance Support” and “Ojakgyo Project” by the Performing Arts Creative Cradle under the Arts Council Korea and recognized for their outstanding creative music, thereby contributing to the development of the Korean composition scene and presenting diverse perspectives of the arts and their appreciation that the public can relate to.
Solim Opera ChoirChoir
Under its motto of “Happier Tomorrow With All,” Solim Opera Choir was formed by talented vocalists to vitalize classical music, realize the value of art, and assist in the development of cultural leadership, and is actively performing as an opera choir that leads the development of Korea opera scene. They continue to develop a diverse and high-level repertoire along with heartfelt performances to touch the hearts of the audience and participate in cultural and social contribution projects to present new sentiments and directions to the arts scene.
Lee Kyung-jaeArt Director, Producer, Commentary, and Dramatization
Director Lee has produced several operas, such as Così fan tutte, The Magic Flute, Don Giovanni, L’elisir d’amore, and more at the Seoul Metropolitan Opera, Korea National Opera, and Seoul Arts Center, as well as about 100 sessions of dozens of opera repertoires at the National Opera of Korea, Daegu Opera House, Bucheon Cultural Foundation, Daejeon Arts Center, and various university productions in Korea. With the academic and truthful interpretation of the performances that he produced, he has solidified his position as an opera producer with positive reviews from the audience.
Park In-woockConductor
After graduating from Seoul Arts High School, he went to Europe during his second year at the Seoul National University College of Music and studied at École Normale de Musique de Paris and Reims Regional Conservatory. Later, he finished his master’s degree at Mozarteum University Salzburg in Austria. He was selected as the vice conductor at the audition of Gran Teatre del Liceu at Barcelona, Spain, from over 200 conductors and collaborated with world-class musicians such as Nello Santi, Leo Nucci, and more until 2006. He was also a guest conductor to globally renowned orchestras such as Slovak Philharmonic, National Philharmonic of Ukraine, and more. In 2006, he was invited to La Beaume and Le Vigan Music Festivals, France. Park has served as a guest conductor to hundreds of concerts through dozens of operas, such as KBS Symphony Orchestra, Korean National Symphony Orchestra, Daegu Symphony Orchestra, Seongnam City Symphony Orchestra, and more. From classical to contemporary music and opera, conductor Park In-woock can cover a wide range of music with his amazing conducting capabilities and outstanding interpretation and is currently serving as a professor at Chonnam National University.

  • Assistant Director
    Kim Chae-ryeong

  • Musical Coach and Pianist
    Park Jin-hee

  • Pianist
    Lee Ji-eun

  • Stage Design
    Choi Jin-kyu

  • Lighting Design
    Kim Min-jae

  • Image Design
    Jang Su-ho

  • Costume/Accessories Design
    Park Seon-mi

  • Makeup Design
    Yim Yoo-kyung
Place Info.

ACC Theater, Theater 2

Copyright(C) Asia Culture Center. All rights reserved

38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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