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[Dance Theater] “Whispers at the Table”

We invite you to a world of chosen solitude.

[Dance Theater] “Whispers at the Table”
  • DateJun. 21–22, 2024(FRI–SAT)
  • TimeFRI 19:30 / SAT 14:00
  • PlaceTheater 2
  • Age LimitAges 7or older
  • Seating200seats
  • Price All seats KRW20,000
  • Ticket+82-1899-5566
  • ContactWeb Page / Call Center / Ticket Booth


Visitor guide

Booking and Visitors Notification

Suitable Viewing Age
  • Age restriction: Ages 7 or older (those born before 2017; middle school students or above)
  • Please make sure to bring a certificate or document that may prove your date of birth (e.g., Public Health Insurance Certificate, Resident Registration Certificate, Passport, Student Card, etc.).
  • ※ Viewers under the age limit cannot enter the venue regardless of the ticket held or accompanied by a guardian
  • ※ Cancellation, refund, or exchange is not available if the viewer fails to attend the performance because they failed to understand the age limitation
Ticket Booking and Reception
  • Reception of reserved tickets and on-site ticket purchases are available one hour before the commencement of the performance.
  • ※ The reservation number of the booker’s mobile phone number must be checked before receiving the ticket
  • For those who wish to book wheelchair seats, please contact us via the Call Center(☏1899-5566)for booking.
  • All discounts are applicable per actual viewers, not the person who booked the ticket.
  • ※ Those who purchased discounted tickets must present certificates on-site; discrepancy in the ticket price must be paid if the ticket holder fails to present appropriate certificates
Viewing Information
  • National Asian Culture Center strictly restricts viewer rate, mid-performance entry, and photography for a pleasant viewing experience.
  • ※ Viewers are responsible for failure to understand the entry regulations.
  • Viewers can enter the venue 30 minutes before the performance, and will be prohibited entry once the performance begins.
  • ※ The entry time may vary by the nature of the performance and on-site situation; please enter the venue 10 minutes before.
  • This performance is ticketed; guests will receive a complimentary 4-hour parking benefit.
Production of ACC Repertoire
“Whispers at the Table”

What memories are set on your table?

ACC presents two performances developed under the theme of “table and memory.”
In 2023, directors Kim Mi-ran (theater) and Yoo Sun-hoo (dance) were selected through an open call for directors.
ACC completed this production after a year-long development process.
On the table, an everyday object and place where we spend our daily lives,
personal and special narratives stemming from each director’s experiences, memories, and senses unfold.

Project Timeline +

I’m eating alone... Is it wrong?
I’ll eat by myself today.

“Whispers at the Table” is an artistic fantasy that depicts the phenomenon of “eating alone” as a psychological symptom of modern urbanites. Beginning with the question, “Why has it become a world where people are comfortable eating alone?” individuals who have no choice but to eat alone or enjoy it are sat around a table. The directors also express their personal feelings of loneliness through the act of eating alone. The performance allows them to escape from the many people they encounter in their work and find solace and healing while eating alone. The courageous self-confession that celebrates solo dining evokes sympathy.


Mojita is preparing for a performance centered around eating alone while others are making music and dancing.
The rehearsal room is filled with passion, determination, and a musty odor that won’t go away no matter how much you run the air purifier.
After a day of intense concentration, her coworkers decide to eat together, but Mojita wants to eat alone.
Then, an invitation flies in, carried by the wind.
“You are invited to the Island of Eating Alone. Welcome to the paradise of solo dining.”
Mojita boarded a boat that took her to the Island of Eating Alone,
where she wandered through a world of mukbang (food porn), recipes, and hypocrisy.
In her fantasies, Mojita sees herself alone in a restaurant, engrossed in her phone, and inside a recording studio.

You are invited to a world where chosen solitude is enjoyed.
Whispers at the Table
A loner crying out alone
Stories of those who live together and separately
Chapter 1: HUNGER The Lonely Fullness
“You are invited to the ‘Island of Eating Alone.’ Welcome to the paradise of solo dining.”
Various solo diners on the Island of Eating Alone
Chapter 2: FOOD PORNO What to Eat
Finding your own menu in a world full of food cravings
Chapter 3: TIME FRUITREE Thank You All.
About the labor of those preparing solo meals
Chapter 4: A WHISPERED DINNER – Delicious Solitude, Still Eating Alone
The diner who finally experienced the perfect dining experience
blossoms like a flower and steps out into the world.
Gestures to the world by the one who was healed and nourished through eating alone
Jun. 21, 2024 (19:30), Jun. 22, 2024 (14:00)
ACC Theater 2
Ticket Event
속삭임의 식탁
#1 Presale Ticket Event
Prizes will be given to buyers of presale tickets during the designated period.
Presale ticket sale period: May 10 (FRI) – May 31 (FRI), 2024
Collection method: At the venue on the day of the performance after checking your reservation details
#2 ACC Table Series Event
Prizes will be given to those who watched both “Fine Dining” and “Whispers at the Table.”
Collection method: Confirmation of tickets at the “Fine Dining” performance venue
Event Prize * ACC Table Series poster magnet
Crew and Cast
  • Planned/Produced by National Asian Culture Center
  • Choreographer and Director Yoo Sun-hoo
  • Dramaturg Choi Yong seok
  • Assistant Producer Ahn Yoon-jin
  • Assistant Choreography Kim Hyo-rin
  • Video Design Kim Il-hyun
  • Music Director Song Ji-hoon
  • Percussion Design Jang Kyung-hee
  • Stage Design Kim Jong-seok
  • Light Design Lee Yu-jin
  • Stage Director Baek Yong-min
  • Costume Design Lee Joo-hee
  • Producer Yang Ha-jeong
Choreographer and Director Yoo Sun-hoo
Yoo Sun-hoo, a Korean dancer and choreographer, has been showcasing works differentiated from existing Korean dance pieces by exploring overlaps with other art genres such as video, music, and visual arts. In 2017, she received five stars at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with his performance “After 4.” She was also officially invited to the Assembly Hall Theatre in the United Kingdom as part of the Edinburgh Korea Season selection. Yoo’s international activities continue with various performances, including an invitation to the opening performance of the Buenos Aires International Theater Festival (FIBA) in 2023.
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Place Info.

ACC Theater, Theater 2

Copyright(C) National Asian Culture Center. All rights reserved

38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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