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Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Asia Culture Center

ACC Democracy, Human Rights and Peace Outdoor Theater Festival

To share the fervor of May and the aspirations for democratization with a large audience, the Asia Culture Centre (ACC) has organized “moments of excitement” with the outdoor theater festival.

ACC Democracy, Human Rights and Peace Outdoor Theater Festival
  • DateMay 18–26, 2024 (SAT–SUN) *Every SAT and SUN
  • TimeSAT, SUN 17:18
  • PlaceYeolin Madang
  • Price Free
  • TicketNo booking required
  • Contact+82-62-601-4264
  • Running time60 mins

To share the fervor of May and the aspirations for democratization with a large audience, the ACC
has organized “moments of excitement” with the outdoor theater festival.

To commemorate the 44th anniversary of the May 18th Democratic Uprising,
a series of outdoor theaters themed around democracy, human rights, and peace will gather from all over the country at the ACC Yeolin Madang

to showcase the tumultuous events of democratization that were passing the point of inflection in history.

Starting with “Cheonmyeong, Changmu ,” a grassroots story of 1894 Donghak Peasant Revolution,
followed by “My Hometown Across the Sea,” which remembers and tells the scars of Jeju uprising in 1947–1948,
“Food Stall in October,” which narrates the era from Busan–Masan Uprising to the May 18th Democratic Uprising in Gwangju in 1970–1980, and
“Oh! Geumnam Restaurant,” which transforms the spirit of the Gwangju Uprising into art,
these four performances will offer the audience special and impressive moments by delivering the story of historical events carved in the memories of time.

At 17:18, after “Marching for Our Beloved” resonates from the clock tower in the May 18 Democracy Square,
the fervor of democratization will meet the audience in the boundless yard.
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Date Description
May 18, 2024 (SAT), 17:18 Oh! Geumnam Restaurant Theater Company Tobaki
May 19, 2024 (SUN), 17:18 Food Stall in October Project Spring Flower
May 25, 2024 (SAT), 17:18 Cheonmyeong, Changmu Jeongeup Municipal Korea Music Orchestra
May 26, 2024 (SUN), 17:18 My Hometown Across the Sea Noripae Hanrasan
May 18, 2024 (SAT), 17:18(60 min’)
Oh! Geumnam Restaurant - Theater Company Tobaki
About the Work
In May 1980, the people of Gwangju were all united as one family. Each community cooked rice to make rice balls and kimchi and shared them while taking care of each other. May 1980 is when everyone became a family, embracing pain and wounds together. Geumnam Restaurant aims to promote such a spirit of sharing and community in May 1980, created through rice balls. This play, set against the backdrop of a cooking competition, combines lively songs, dances, and performances to create exciting and dynamic moments. Moreover, the story of the pain embodied in the rice balls of May, the central theme of the piece, unfolds as a play within a play, offering the audience both laughter and tears.
About the Theater Company
Founded in November 1983, Theater Company Tobaki is a professional theater troupe based in Gwangju that primarily stages creative productions. Engaging with the lives of neighbors and recreating their genuine laughter and tears through theater, Tobaki strives for the progress of humanity, society, and history.
Production and Cast
  • Original Work and Direction Park Jung-woon
  • Cast Im Hae-jeong, Park Jung-woon, Kim Jung-hoon, Park Kyung-dan, Ko Young-wook, Lee Jong-kyung
  • Music Park Moon-ok, Song Eun-jung
  • Stage Ryu Sang-geun, Lim Hong-soo
May 19, 2024 (SUN), 17:18(60 min)
Food Stall in October - Project Spring Flower
About the Work
“Food Stall in October” is a musical theater that unfolds through songs loved by the public but banned by the state and the food enjoyed by ordinary people on the street. Through stories of banned songs and local foods, the character Kim Young-gam attempts to elicit empathy across generations by sharing stories of people’s lives and narratives. From Busan’s ordinary food, such as grilled mackerel and sea eel, to Gwangju’s “deep-fried lettuce” and rice balls at Yangdong Market, it narrates the era of the Busan–Masan Uprising to the May 18th Democratic Uprising in Gwangju.
[List of banned songs] Mr. Kim (1966, Hwang Woo-ru), The Beauty (1974, Shin Joong-hyun), It’s a Lie (1970, Shin Joong-hyun), Why Do You Call Me? (1975, Song Chang-sik), Beautiful River and Mountains (1972, Shin Joong-hyun & The Men), To the Land of Happiness (1974, Han Dae-soo), Give Me Some Water (1974, Han Dae-soo), Morning Dew (1971, Kim Min-ki), Spring Flower (2022, Hwang Tae-hyun)
About the Theater Company
Project: Spring Flower is a team that approaches historical and social issues in Korea from various perspectives through musical theater composed of music and stories.
Production and Cast
  • Playwriting and Acting Seo Won-oh
  • Performance and Music Design Jeon Hyunmi
  • Vocals and Composition Hwang Tae-hyun
  • Performance Baek Sang-ho
  • Video and Visual Director Lee Yeon-seung
May 25, 2024 (SAT), 17:18(70 min)
Jeongeup Municipal Korea Music Orchestra
About the Work
This work is a testament to the brave and poignant struggles and love of the common people who commemorate the Donghak Peasant Revolution. Created by Kim Yong-ok (original work, script) and composer Park Bum-hoon, it is a masterpiece that captures the intense love and fight against injustice by those who risked their lives. This profound piece allows the audience to reflect on a torch-lit history and experience a profound sense of resonance.
About the Theater Company
Since its establishment in 1993, the Jeongeup Municipal Korea Music Orchestra has conducted over 1,000 performances, contributing to the popularization of Korean traditional music. It serves as a cultural ambassador, showcasing the excellence of Korean culture to the world through nationwide tours and international performances, with works based on the precious cultural heritage of Jeongeup, recognized as national treasures.
Production and Cast
  • Playwriter Kim Yong-ok
  • Composer Park Bum-hoon
  • Adaptation and General Direction Kim Yong-ho
  • Voice Guidance Lee Se-jeong
  • Conductor Kang Haeng-bok
  • Choreography Kim Yeon-sil
May 26, 2024 (SUN), 17:18(60 min)
My Hometown Across the Sea - Noripae Hanrasan
About the Work
Through the story of a person who survived the storm of Jeju Uprising and the one who returned home after leaving Jeju to avoid the storm, the play aims to get closer to the essence of Jeju Uprising.
Tae-sam, Ok-hee, and Chun-sam, who grew up together in Hagui-ri, Aewol-myeon in Jeju, were building up a friendship, calling themselves a trio. However, because of arrest warrants issued after the commemorative rally for the 28th anniversary of March 1st Movement and the fervor against the May 10th Election, Tae-sam and Chun-sam chose to hide, while Ok-hee became a liaison. However, Tae-sam, whose life should be filled with dreams and hopes, tragically died during the battle at Uigwi Elementary School, leading to a separation between the three. As time passes, facing impending death, Chun-sam finally encounters the grave of his dearly missed friend, Tae-sam.
About the Theater Company
To promote authentic national and folk culture and a creative and healthy Jeju culture through performing arts, Noripae Hanrasan was founded in 1987. The troupe strives to play a role in resolving both individual and societal grievances by paying attention to the voices of the vivid and sincere from the field of life. As an open place for all who cherish the culture of life, it aims to be a stage for the community where people’s narratives and plays unfold in unique and vibrant movements of Korean culture.
Production and Cast
  • Producer Shin Je-gyun
  • Scriptwriter Woo Seung-hyuk
  • Choreography Kim Soo-bo
  • Cast Shin Hyun-jong, Ko Sang-hee, Jung Yun-tae, Jeong Seung-hyuk, Shin Jee-gyun, Yoon Mi-ran

Copyright(C) National Asian Culture Center. All rights reserved

38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu, Gwangju 61485, Republic of Korea


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